Friday, May 9, 2014

Sinn Féin will be 'force of progressive change' on County Council

County Wexford's five Sinn Féin local election candidates launched their plan for the coming County Council term last week.  Speaking at the launch, the Chairperson of Enniscorthy Town Council, Cllr Johnny Mythen, said that this plan demonstrated his partys commitment to being a force of progressive change on the new look County Council.

"Phil Hogans political reform means that the whole way local government works has changed.  The four local town councils are being abolished and the new look County Council will be the only game in town.  It is there that the battle between austerity and recovery, between the status quo and the agents of change, will be fought.  The electorate needs a strong team standing up for them on the council and this plan shows that we are up to the challenge."

"We are the only party that has consistently opposed austerity measures like cuts to snas, the introduction of unfair property and water taxes and the unsustainable hike in commercial rates.  We are also the only party to offer realistic, costed alternatives, and the only party to truly believe that local government has a fundemental role to play in getting this county back to work."

"The construction of a new sugar beet processing plant in South Wexford would create jobs.  New development of Rosslare Europort to make it accomodate larger freight would create jobs.  The roll out of next generation broadband across this county would create jobs.  The development of a new heritage centre in North Wexford and the designation of a new 1916 Revolutionary Centre in Enniscorthy would boost tourism and create jobs."

"These are all attainable aspirations and the Sinn Féin team will fight for these developments on the new County Council, just as we will continue to oppose the harsh austerity measures and unfair taxes being rolled out be central governnment."

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