Friday, May 9, 2014

Introduce rates on public buildings - Kelly

A Wexford Councillor is calling for radical action to be taken to combat the commercial rates crisis which he claims is putting shops, pubs and other businesses across the county out of action.  Cllr Anthony Kelly said that the introduction of rates on public buildings would raise €50 million every year and allow for the much needed reduction of commercial rates.

Cllr Kelly said;

"Sinn Féin is completely opposed to commercial rates as they exist in their current form.  They have played caused excessive damage to the retail industry and continue to send shops, pubs and other businesses to the wall.  A fairer system must be introduced."

"We support the introduction of revenue neutral rates.  This would mean that a business that was most under stress would have an increased chance of survival as the rates would be set by their profits.  Currently rates are a flat tax, inflicted upon businesses whether they are in profit or not."

"The government says that it does not have the money to deal head on with the rates crisis.  The reduction of commercial rates, it maintains, would have a crippling effect on the state.  We have an answer for this - the introduction of new rates on public buildings which would generate €50 every year.  This would leave no excuse for the states refusal to tackle a problem which has put so many smes out of business in recent years."

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