Friday, May 9, 2014

Sinn Féin launch 'A Plan for County Wexford'

County Wexford's five Sinn Féin local election candidates launched their plan for the coming County Council term last week.  'A Plan for County Wexford' charts out a number of steps to stimulate the local economy including the construction of a sugar beet refinery plant in New Ross, the roll out of superfast broadband across the county, major new investment in Rosslare Europort and the creation of a new heritage centre in North Wexford.

Speaking at the launch, Cllr Anthony Kelly said that this county was on the verge of massive political change and this plan was sending a very clear and concise message to the electorate that Sinn Féin are serious and competent about offering strong representation on the new look county council.

"People have woken up," Cllr Kelly said, "They won't be fooled by the political manoeuvres, spin and posturing from the very parties who implemented the disastrous response to the recession and the subsequent austerity programme.  Support for Sinn Féin, the only party to consistently oppose the austerity measures and offer realistic, progressive alternatives is surging."

Cllr Kelly's running mate, Mick Roche, said that the measures outlined in the Sinn Féin plan could create employment across the county if implemented.  "The deepening of a berth and the construction of a new rail cargo depot in Rosslare Europort makes sense.  The reopening of the Rosslare to Waterford Rail link makes sense.  A major renovation and the introduction of water softening facilities at the source of supply in the Fardystown Water Scheme makes sense.  The roll out of superfast broadband across Wexford makes sense."

"The County Council has made no real difference in the lives of ordinary families over the last few years.  Many of our representatives say it is not the job of local government to create the conditions for employment.  They say it's not their job to oppose austerity measures that have crippled people across the county or to change the business rates that are closing shops and pubs around Wexford.  They say it's not their job to take over boarded up houses and convert them to social housing.  Well what is their job then?"

"Wexford needs people who say they can and will, and not people who say that they can't on their local council."

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