Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Sinn Féin calls on new Irish government to officially recognise Palestinian state

Sinn Féin's spokesperson for foreign affairs, Padraig MacLochlainn TD has urged the new FG/Labour coalition government to officially recognise the Palestinian state. Deputy MacLochlainn has compared the Palestinians situation to the non- recognition by the International community of the Irish nation in 1921 when the first Dáil met and declared Ireland’s independence.

The Palestinian people currently live under the whip of a virtual Israeli dictatorship. There basic human rights are denied, and even the simplest things that we take for granted such as travelling to the local hospital are made as difficult as possible for the Palestinians by the Israelis. There are currently up to ten thousand Palestinians being interned by Israeli forces. This is the highest level of political prisoner's in the world today.

By recognising the Palestinian state, the new government would be turning the international limelight back on Israel, making it harder for them to continue to operate an apartheid state.

Monday, March 21, 2011

The human cost of "democracy". Invasion of Libya continues...


Three days ago the UN passed resolution 1970, which in their own words was designed to "impose immediate measures to stop the violence, ensure accountability and facilitate humanitarian aid" in Libya.
Almost immediately, Western warplanes began bombing targets in the oil rich North African nation.

Despite the nonsense spouted by spokespeople for the Western Alliance arguing otherwise, there is absolutely no doubt that Libyan civilians have been killed in these air strikes, and more will die if the bombing is not brought to an end immediately.

The worlds media proudly announced that the passing of resolution 1970 was about setting up a No-Fly Zone over Libya to protect citizens. They did not mention that the No-Fly Zone would only apply to native aircraft, while western warplanes would be free to fly over and bomb any targets they wanted. Maybe this is why the Arab League and Russia are now have serious second thoughts about their initial support for the "Intervention".

Intervention.... or Invasion?

The only thing resolution 1970 bans the West from doing is permanently occupying Libya. They don't have the resources to do so anyway. Better that they be given the time and power to set up a friendly puppet regime to insure regional stability and ready oil supply. Forget the people of Libya who must now face the fire power of "western democracy".

I received this message from a woman who's Libyan partner is back in his homeland. I think it speaks for itself and should be a wake up call for those people who believe the UN are acting for the interests of the Libyan people;

"Throughout these 31 days of uncertainty I have never felt more afraid for my family than today.Every hour counts now,it will not be a matter of pro or anti government anymore,no one is safe.The consensus is that people who are not part of the so called 'non western society' do not feel pain,emotions,they do not feel the pain of loss of family and friends like 'us westeners' do.

Worldwide people are condemning this action.I pray that this will be the first day our voices will be heard"
These Libyan kids face the firepower of "Western Democracy"

Sunday, March 20, 2011

International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination

Tomorrow (March 21st) is International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination.  This event is observed annually to commemorate that day, in 1960 when police opened fire and killed 69 people at a peaceful demonstration in Sharpeville, South Africa, against the apartheid "pass laws".  In 1966, the General Assembly of the United Nations called on the international community to redouble its efforts to eliminate all forms of racial discrimination (resolution 2142 (XXI)), and proclaimed the twenty first of March to be an international day of recognition towards this goal.
Since then, the apartheid system in South Africa has been dismantled. Racist laws and practices have been abolished in many countries, and we have built an international framework for fighting racism, guided by the International Convention on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination. The Convention is now nearing universal ratification, yet still, in all regions, too many individuals, communities and societies suffer from the injustice and stigma that racism brings.

Even in Ireland during the boom years, the ugly spectre of racial discrimination remained visible just beneath the surface of respectable middle class Ireland.  Disrespect towards Eastern European workers coming here to earn a better live was rampant.  It seemed that we had forgotten about the days of mass emigration, when Irish men and women had left to look for work overseas.  We had forgotten, but now it has been brought back to us with a vengeance.  Today, young Irish men and women are heading to places like Poland to look for a better life.

The first article of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights affirms that “all human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights”. The International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination reminds us of our collective responsibility for promoting and protecting this ideal.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

The real titles of our new government ministers

Here are the true titles of the new cabinet as dictated to Paul Kehoe by Enda Kenny last week. For the purpose of political correctness and Labour members feelings, these titles will only be used behind closed doors;

Lord Taoiseach, High Overlord of the land and Emperor of the West: Enda Kenny

Endas Bitch, with duel responsibility for looking after Endas passport and feeding his sheep: Eamon Gilmore

Financial Baron, and high Duke of Crippling Cuts: Michael Noonan

Minister for closing hospitals and degrading the sick: James Rielly

Minister for making sure big farmers continue to vote blue: Simon Coveney

Token Minister who can speak Irish: Jimmy Deenihan

Minister for selling our nations forestries: Pat Rabbitt

Minister for keeping dolers off the live register and on badly run fas courses: Ruairí Quinn

Minister who I need to keep an eye on: Richard Bruton

Minister with responsibility for removing last powers of local authorities: Phil Hogan

Minister for shooting undesirables: Alan Shatter

Minister who we will scapegoat for failing to bring in political reform: Brendan Howlin

Minister for Smugness: Leo Varadkar

Chief whipping boy: Paul Kehoe

Fella we keep around to make the rest of us look bright: Willie Penrose

And we will also give a couple of girls token positions providing they keep their mouths shut and keep the kettle warm.

These are the commands of your high blueness, ENDA.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

MeHole Martin welcomes state visit from British Monarch


Micheál Martin TD, Leader of Fianna Fail has welcomed confirmation that British Head of State Queen Elizabeth II will make an official State Visit to Ireland this year.

He commented, "I'm delighted shes coming. Alot of us in Fianna Fail lost our jobs in the recent election, and to be frank, we're looking for work. Now I'm not saying we are prepared to betray our nation, but if the Queen is looking for any information about Ireland's security or anything that she feels might be an advantage to England if they decide to invade again, I'm prepared to talk. Now I'm no traitor, so ill need to be confirmed as a British citizen first, and given at least a barony. Also if I could get Biffo, Dick Roche and Conor Lenihan knighted, it would be great."

"Britain is our nearest neighbour, and its been a long term belief of the Fianna Fail leadership that they should invade us and pacify the natives. A good pitchcapping would do the likes of David McWilliams and Michael O Leary good. Only last week, Mary Coughlan said to me that a Union Jack hanging over the GPO would be good for Irish tourism. I ready to state on record that Fianna fail are prepared to fully collaborate and aid any planned English invasion of Ireland. Ill personally cut our telephone wires, dig up the railway lines and drop a six inch block on Kevin Doyles right foot to help out. In closing, Cead Mile Failte Lizzy."

The Left Arrives....

This blog was glad to read a blog post from RedWexford, a ULA/People before Profit site, today that declared boldly and correctly that more people switched to left wing parties in the recent general election than those who switched to Fine Gael. RedWexford also mentioned two other important details.
The first is that the people of this nation voted epically against the continued policy of cuts and tax hikes against ordinary workers (Obviously many of those who voted for FG didn't read their election manifesto!). In doing so, the electorate has decimated Fianna Fail. In fact, as RedWexford notes, Fianna Fail got fewer votes than the old Irish Parliamentary party in the 1918 elections. Only the PR system saved them from total wipe out.
RedWexford also notes that Irish politics has experienced a real polarisation. For the first time in the history of this state, we are witnessing a real Left/Right divide in Leinster House. On one side we have Fine Gael (and any other party who supports them in any way, including Fianna Fails offer to prop up a FG single party government to get the IMF deal secured). On the other side, we have Sinn Féin (Now the largest true opposition party in the state, and largest left wing party on the island), the ULA and several left wing independents like Wexfords Mick Wallace.
However, RedWexford has been mistaken with some of its information. For one thing, Sinn Féin did not only become a Left wing party last year, as RedWexford claims. We were in fact the only active left wing party in the state during the Celtic tiger. It didn't take a recession and the chance of glory in the polls for us to nail our colours to the mast.
Secondly, five Dublin based Dail TDs (elected during the worst economic crisis to hit the state) does not make the ULA the main left wing force in this state, and certainly doesn't make them the voice of opposition here. We agree that SF and the ULA should work together, but perhaps this could begin when the ULA decides to stop nipping at our heels like a demented little Jack Russell, and turn their attention to helping us take on the people who ran this nation into the ground, career politicians, top level bankers and a corrupt biased media.
Maybe the time as come to end the rift in the Irish Left once and for all.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Some facts and fictions about Enda Kenny: Can you guess which are true?

In a few days Enda Kenny will be officially confirmed as the new Taoiseach. Who would have thought a few short years ago that the much mocked and tormented Mayo man would rise to become leader of our nation? To commemorate this moment here are a few facts (and fictions) about Enda. See if you can guess which ones are true. Winner gets a signed blueshirt once worn by Enda at a Duran Duran concert.

1. Enda the Joker: Enda caused a controversy in 2002 when he made a slightly racist joke about an African Freedom Fighter at a press conference. It turned out that some of the mans relations had left Africa and were living in Tallaght. They were not amused.

2. Enda the Musician: Before entering the Dail, Enda had a brief but brilliant career as bass player with Mayo Folk-Rock group, Shamrocked.

3. Enda the Lover: Its a well known fact in the Fine Gael movement that Enda is a keen practitioner of the Karma Sutra. In 1991, he featured in a Sunday World expose on Ireland's horniest politicians.

4. Enda the Hero: Enda once saved a woman from a crashed bus, moments before the bus tilted off a hillside and nosedived into a canyon. Afterwards the heroic Enda offered the victims use of his Garda driver before speeding back to the EndaCave.

5. Enda the Actor: Enda had a small role in the Quite Man movie. He played a blind drunk boy who was trying to push a sheep over a ditch. Critics said he was "unconvincing", and his name was removed from the credits after he tried to trick John Wayne into joining Young Fine Gael.

6. Enda the Music Fan: Enda is a huge fan of the Bangles. He owns all six of their albums. His favourite song is September Gurls which he describes as the "finest pop song of the 20th century." His copy of the single Eternal Flame, signed by Susanna Hoffs, is one of three things he'd bring to a desert island, along with water and a Mayo jersey.

7. Enda the Hippy: Enda went through a hippy faze as a teenager cumulating with a visit to Woodstock. "I was mad into the LSD and free love," he told HotPress in 2001, "I was a proper hippy. I had hair down to me arse and if it wasn't for a chance encounter with Gareth Fitzgerald in a Dublin swingers club, I might never have went square and joined FG!"

8. Enda the Russian: Enda was born in the Soviet Union and worked for the KGB. When he defected to the west, bringing with him secrest about the Russian post service, it was decided that the safest place to stick him was Mayo. He changed his name to Enda Kenny but couldn't keep his communist nose out of local politics. The rest as they say is history.

9. Enda the Twin: Enda has an identical twin called Victor Kenny. Victor works as a lighthouse keeper off the coast of Kerry as it was the only place he could go to escape his brothers fame. Rumours that Fianna Fail have hatched a plan to switch the real Enda with his doppelganger have been rejected by Enda. "No they never switched Enda with me, I mean Victor...ah interview over."

10. Enda the Disco Dancer: Enda likes to disco dance and won second prize at the All Mayo Disco Dancing Championships in 1971. Its widely believed that he plans to disco dance in the White House on St Patricks Day to improve relations with President Obama.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

14 Dail Seats for Sinn Féin - A New Day in Irish Politics

Last Friday the people of Ireland voted for a marked changed in Irish Politics. Some have described it as the "Pen Revolution", a day when Irish citizens caste their votes to annihilate Fianna Fail and bring forward new candidates to deal with our economic situation. Fourteen of these newly elected Tds are members of Sinn Féin. Its an incredible victory for a party that only had four Tds elected in the last general election four years ago. It is testament that the Irish people desire real change. The Independents that were elected enmasse last weekend will come and go, but the TDs of SF will remain and be joined by others.

So who are these TDs?

Sinn Féin Dail leader and Health spokesperson, Caoimhgin O' Caoláin, topped the poll in Cavan/Monaghan, taking over eleven thousand first preference votes. His running mate, twenty two year old Kathryn Reilly, narrowly missed out on joining him. In Louth, Sinn Féin President Gerry Adams topped the poll, winning election to Leinster House on his first attempt. He took in over fifteen thousand first preferences.

Sinn Féin Finance spokesperson Pearse Doherty also topped the poll in Donegal South West, where he had only won a by-election three months earlier. Pearse will be joined in the new Dail by fellow Donegal man, Pádraig MacLouchlainn, who topped the poll in Donegal North East.

Dublin saw a massive break through for the party. Sitting TD, Aengus O' Snodaigh was re-elected in Dublin South Central. He will be joined by three new Dublin SF TDs. Mary Lou McDonald was elected in Dublin Central, Dessie Ellis topped the poll in Dublin North West, while Sean Crowe won back the seat he lost in 2007 in Dublin South West.

Sinn Féin had another major break through in County Cork as two SF TDs were elected there. Jonathan O' Brien took a seat in Cork North Central, while Sandra McLellan was elected in Cork East. Martin Ferris also regained his seat in neighbouring Munster constituency, Kerry North Limerick West.

Peadar Tóibin took the second seat in Meath West while Michael Colreavy was elected in Sligo-North Leitrim. After a long count, brian Stanley became the fourteenth Sinn Féin TD elected when he was confirmed in Offaly/Laois.

It was an incredibly successful election, but there was also disappointment. John Brady missed out by the narrows of margins in County Wicklow after one of the longest counts in the country. Larry O' Toole came excruciatingly close to taking a seat in Dublin North East, as did Chris O' Leary. Other candidates performed wonderfully, but it just wasn't to be there time. Last Sunday, RTE predicted future seats for Sinn Féin in Wexford, Waterford, Carlow-Kilkenny and Wicklow.

The future looks bright for Sinn Féin.