Monday, March 21, 2011

The human cost of "democracy". Invasion of Libya continues...


Three days ago the UN passed resolution 1970, which in their own words was designed to "impose immediate measures to stop the violence, ensure accountability and facilitate humanitarian aid" in Libya.
Almost immediately, Western warplanes began bombing targets in the oil rich North African nation.

Despite the nonsense spouted by spokespeople for the Western Alliance arguing otherwise, there is absolutely no doubt that Libyan civilians have been killed in these air strikes, and more will die if the bombing is not brought to an end immediately.

The worlds media proudly announced that the passing of resolution 1970 was about setting up a No-Fly Zone over Libya to protect citizens. They did not mention that the No-Fly Zone would only apply to native aircraft, while western warplanes would be free to fly over and bomb any targets they wanted. Maybe this is why the Arab League and Russia are now have serious second thoughts about their initial support for the "Intervention".

Intervention.... or Invasion?

The only thing resolution 1970 bans the West from doing is permanently occupying Libya. They don't have the resources to do so anyway. Better that they be given the time and power to set up a friendly puppet regime to insure regional stability and ready oil supply. Forget the people of Libya who must now face the fire power of "western democracy".

I received this message from a woman who's Libyan partner is back in his homeland. I think it speaks for itself and should be a wake up call for those people who believe the UN are acting for the interests of the Libyan people;

"Throughout these 31 days of uncertainty I have never felt more afraid for my family than today.Every hour counts now,it will not be a matter of pro or anti government anymore,no one is safe.The consensus is that people who are not part of the so called 'non western society' do not feel pain,emotions,they do not feel the pain of loss of family and friends like 'us westeners' do.

Worldwide people are condemning this action.I pray that this will be the first day our voices will be heard"
These Libyan kids face the firepower of "Western Democracy"

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