Friday, July 4, 2014

Roche: Traffic calming measures are welcomed for Bridgetown

Cllr Mick Roche has welcomed confirmation that necessary traffic calming measures will be implemented in Bridgetown in the coming weeks.  The local Sinn Féin rep said that this process was needed for public safety and urged any locals with any input into the future needed measures to approach him.

"I am glad to announce that speed bumps will be placed in Lakelands by the school side entrance in the coming weeks after repeated requests from locals," Cllr Roche said, "In addition to this safety signs have been placed on the ten acre approach to the village.  If they prove to cut the speed of traffic entering the village from that side then further signs will be erected on the other three roads coming into Bridgetown."

"As always I would ask that people would feel free to approach me with any input, ideas or criticisms that they might have.  It's my job as your local County Councillor to represent you all so hearing what you have to say is vitally important."

Cllr Roche can be contacted at 086-1004550, or cllrmickroche on facebook.

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