Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Ten reasons to vote for Kelly

Anthony Kelly is the Sinn Féin candidate for county Wexford in the next general election. Its been ninety years since a Sinn Féin candidate was elected from Wexford. We believe that it is vitally important for Wexford to end that drought this time around, and send Kelly to Leinster House.

1. Wexford is the forgotten county of Ireland. We have been stripped bare by this current regime. This is surely proof that the five sitting Wexford TDs have not represented the people of Wexford to the best of their ability. Wexford needs someone to stand up for her in Leinster House. Anthony Kelly can be that man. He is part of a party that is not afraid to rock the boat and take on the establishment when it is clearly in the wrong.

2. Anthony Kelly has been campaigning for a better health service for county Wexford for well over a decade. While the recent threat of downgrading has made this a fashionable cause (and many have jumped on the bandwagon), Anthony has been there from the beginning and has a true desire to see a fairer health service for Wexford. If Kelly is elected he will fight all and any downgrading at WGH and will bring the scurrilous attempts to close Wexfords full time psychiatric unit to a national platform.

3. Anthony Kelly is a representative of the only party in Ireland who have made realistic alternative proposals to the consensus for cuts favoured by Fianna Fail, Fine Gael, Labour and the Greens. Sinn Féin oppose all cuts to vulnerable citizens, and question the mentality of any government who believes introducing these cuts can bring Ireland out of recession, when the opposite is clearly the truth.

4. If Anthony Kelly is elected he will stop the stealth downgrading of Rosslare Europort, and the planned transfer of the ports business to Waterford. Minister of State Sean Connick, who resides closer to Waterford than Rosslare has turned a blind eye to such downgrading. Some would go further and accuse him of having vested interests in the transfer of business to Waterford.

5. Anthony Kelly believes that the Rosslare to Waterford rail link must be reinstated, and comments the work of Swifft, the group formed out the "Save the Rosslare to Waterford Rail Line" group for their tireless work on this issue. Having a Sinn Féin TD in the county will insure no further cuts to Wexfords public transport network.

6. Anthony Kelly recognises that our county's farmers and fishermen have been cut a raw deal. Anthony favours the reduction of red tape against those trying to make a living out of farming and fishing in Wexford. He also supports the attempts being made to revive the sugar beet industry down here.

7. Anthony has long battled against anti social behaviour in his community. As well as tackling this issue head on, and seeing that offenders are taken off the streets, Anthony also wants to tackle the underlying social issues that are responsible for the massive rise in this problem.

8. Anthony will highlight the mass emigration of young Wexford people, who have been forced to leave their homes to try and find work abroad. Sinn Féin will not shy away from this issue, and have already stated clearly that unemployment is the cause of this menace and that unemployment can be dealt with only by introducing a progressive job stimulus package.

9. Sinn Féin will not keep their mouths shut while our vulnerable citizens are being cut to allow the state money to cover toxic banks, greedy cash strapped property developers and European bond gamblers. Anthony's voice in Leinster house will call for a 100% burning of the bond holders and stricter restrictions on those people indebted to NAMA.

10. Wexford is a great county. All our problems can be tackled, and we can emerge stronger. The problem is Fianna Fail, Fine Gael and Labour lack the mentality to see past this crisis and to find the right solutions. Sinn Féin oppose these parties not for political gain, but because it is the right thing to do. Anthony Kelly is a member of Ireland's ONLY opposition party. If you want change Wexford, Vote Kelly.

We have given you ten reasons to vote for Kelly, but if you truly want change and want to be represented by someone who will work for you, then there are ten things you can do to help the Kelly Campaign. Just find ten more people; Family, friends, work mates, anyone, and get them to vote Kelly number 1 on election day. This small action could send Anthony to the Dail and herald real and lasting change for this county. Wexford is only the forgotten county because we have no one in Dublin to speak for us. A vote for Kelly can change that. He will speak for you and will not be silenced by anyone.

Come on Wexford; Lets Make the Big Change!

Sinn Féin - Irelands only opposition party

This blog is always surprised when people say that they are not going to bother voting in the next election. They give a number of reasons for their decision not to vote, all completely illogical.

"Sure whats the point, they're all the same anyway"
"My vote wont count in the grand scheme of things"
"Why should I do anything for them when they do nothing for me"

Not voting keeps the likes of Fianna Fail in positions of power. Not exercising your democratic right or doing so without giving any thought to who or what you are voting for, gives a mandate to corrupt incompetent politicians to continue running the country into the ground. Voting for a party because the rest of your family votes for them, or because you always voted for them allows the same worn old men and women to choose the welfare of their friends in high places above the welfare of the people who they were elected to represent.

This country needs an alternative now. It needs change. Our people need real representation from people who will listen to them and work for them. We need to put the opposition into power. In case you haven't sussed it yet, there is only one true opposition party left in Ireland - Sinn Féin. While the Fine Gael/Labour coalition have already agreed to continue the cuts which the current government have said they will implement if re-elected, Sinn Féin reject such cuts and agree with leading economists who have stated that no country has ever come out of recession by introducing stern cuts.

Fianna Fail and their mirror image counter parts in Fine Gael are prepared to cut vital hospital services. Sinn Féin are not prepared to sacrifice our health system and the welfare of Irish people to save toxic banks and european bond gamblers.

Our government and government in waiting are prepared to accept any draconian measures which the EU/IMF choose to impose on us. Sinn Féin are not, and will not. Fianna Fail have done nothing to deal with the emigration epidemic gripping our nation. In fact, some of their senior figures, including Mary Coughlan, have openly supported emigration has a means to bring about economic stability. What kind of people propose kicking our children out of the country to try and save their own hides? Are these the kind of people you want running the country?

Neither the Fianna Fail/Green coalition nor the Fine Gael/Labour coalition have come up with any realistic job creation packages. Sinn Féin has. The party's proposals to take €7 billion from the National Pension Reserve Fund and use it to employ Irish workers to construct and maintain new infrastructure which the country desperately needs was hailed by independent economists and citizen groups. The other parties would prefer to pump this money into toxic banks, or use it to pay off corrupt property developers.

An election is coming, and the wind of change is blowing. A new Ireland can be born from this election. The shape of that new nation will depend on how you vote on election day. Do you want the same tired, out of touch politicians, be they sporting a different party logo, running your nation and deciding the fate of you and your family? Or do you want real change? A new nation built on the democratic ideals of 1919 and the selfliss sacrifice of 1916.

Sinn Féin offers that change. We have the people and the policies to put Ireland back to work. Whats more important is that we have the ideals to bring about the Ireland that you deserve. Its time to make the big change Ireland.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

True Public Representative

Look at this picture and tell me what you see.

I see a member of Wexford Borough Council, whom also holds down another job to make ends meet, giving up his spare time to clear off snow in Wexford town yesterday, so that his elderly neighbours could feel safe to walk outside.
I see a man who has been given the honour of running as Sinn Féin candidate in the next general election, remain grounded and rather than let this honour go to his head (as it has to others like him in the past), would prefer to still operate on the most basic level of public representation - making sure the people around him were safe and secure.
Personally, this blog salutes Cllr Anthony Kelly for that.
After all, is that not what we want from our elected representatives, whether it be at local or national level?
Arnt we tired of sending people to Leinster House and not hearing from them again until the next election campaign?
Oh you'll hear them profiling themselves on south east radio, or see their well groomed exteriors in the local rags, but when was the last time they called down to your estate to see if you and your neighbours were happy?
When was the last time they asked you how you felt about life in Wexford, and what improvements could be made, outside of an election campaign?
Wexford has had its share of Fianna Fail, Fine Gael and Labour representation in the Dail.
Whats it left us with?
We are the forgotten county.
This blog wants change and will do everything it can to help Anthony Kelly make it to Leinster House, because that is the only hope of any progressive change in this county.
If you want to see dynamic change in Wexford, do the same.

Come on Wexford - Lets Make the Big Change!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Christmas Number 1

Well its that time of year again folks. The time when we get to see who's hard work has paid off. Yes, you guessed it, its time to find out who got the Christmas Number 1.

At Number 5 in our special RRN Christmas Chart, its Lil Mary Harney with her cover of "I saw mummy kissing Santa Claus".

"I saw mummy on a hospital trolley last night,
in the accident and emergency ward,
She didnt see me hear her,
Cry out for help to treat her,
But no one was there cause Harney had shut it all down"

Next up at Number 4, its the ULA Choir with their cover version of David Essexs Winter tale.

"It was only a fairytale,
Just an SWP fairytale,
Our propaganda will work,
and everyone else will fail."

At Number 3, its Eamon and the Workers Par...sorry..Labour Party with "We wish you a non secular festive holiday season"

"We wish you a non secular festive holiday season,
 We wish you a non secular festive holiday season,
 We wish you a non secular festive holiday season,
 and a political correct new year."

At Number 2, Its Enda Kennys Project Blue with their cover of Stop the cavalry,

"Hey Mr Cowen, can you hurry up,
Have you you seen the new opinion polls,
The Shinners are gaining,
And we are complaining,
Can you call the election now!!!"

But at Number 1, for the thirteenth year on the trot, its The Fianna Fail Marching Band with their famous cover of John Lennons War is Over.

"So this is Christmas
And what did we do,
Cut the weak and the vulnerable,
The sick and disabled too,
We gave all your money,
to bankers to keep,
You'll all have to hunger,
This nation will weep.
So Happy Fianna Fail Christmas,
To our friends the elite,
Don't mind that auld Sinn Féin,
We'll never face defeat."

Well that's it music lovers. Remember you couldn't vote our Christmas Number 1, but you can vote for our next government. Not using your vote only benefits the Fianna Fail/Fine Gaels of this world.
Use your vote.
Make the Big Change.
Vote Sinn Féin to give this country a chance.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Who are we?

This blog was honoured to attend the Wexford Sinn Féin dinner dance last Saturday night. The night was an immense success with the highlight being an address from Sinn Féin President Gerry Adams. Gerry paraphrased a famous speech given by Wexford hurling manager Liam Griffin in 1996, back when Wexford were on the trail of the McCarthy cup, or as Gerry put it, "Back when ya's were good!"

Liam Griffin famously took his team off the team bus and asked each player, "Who are you?"
Griffin knew that standing for a team wasn't good enough, you had to be the team. To win, each player had to understand their stake in the team and accept that the team came before their own personal welfare.

Last Saturday night, Gerry posed the same question to the room full of Wexford republicans.

"Who are you?"

"Who are we?"

So who are we?
Are we people who put the needs of toxic banks before the welfare of the Irish people? No.

Are we people who openly support cuts to people on benefits even when we're in opposition? No.

Are we the people who put forward half baked economic proposals that claim to protect our nations vulnerable, but at the same time make alliances with a party that openly favours introduction of those cuts? No.

Are we members of a quasi intellectual left movement, who talk of out of date doctrine which they have given near religious significance, while never approaching a working class estate outside of election time? Are we the peoples movement who speaks for a class which they believe themselves and their cohorts to be superior to? Are we the grand champagne socialists of Ireland? No, No, No.
We are none of these things.

We are Sinn Féin.
We are the people who still in the true republic laid out in the 1916 proclamation and the 1919 democratic programme. We are the people who believe it is more important to act on the revolutionary teachings of James Connolly and Liam Mellowes than it is to quote them in elitist magazines. We are the people who go into working class estates and rural communities to try and help the people who live there, the people who work, who love, who suffer the daily indignities of post tiger Ireland. We know where those places are because we live there. We are those people who suffer.

We are the people who believe change is possible and that against all odds, a new type of government can be brought about. A new system. Government by the people for the people. We are the people who stand alone in opposition against the gombeen establishment, which seeks to destroy and vilify us because we dare to tell the truth. We are the people who will change this country and bring about a new nation of unity, equality and peace. We are Sinn Féin, a party that is united, that knows what it stands for and that will never, ever go away.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Sinn Féin force democratic vote on IMF bailout

Sinn Féin Dáil Leader Caoimhghin Ó Caoláin has said that the announcement that the Government has now agreed to put the IMF/EU deal to a Dáil vote, is a direct result of Sinn Féin’s threat of legal action on the issue.

Caoimhghín Ó Caoláin said:
“Yesterday solicitors acting on my behalf wrote directly to the Chief State Solicitor, including by fax and email, demanding that the Memorandum of Understanding relating to the EU/IMF sell-out deal be laid before the Dáil so that it can be made subject to resolution in accordance with Article 29(5) of the Constitution.

“This legal letter called on the Government to announce on or before close of Dáil business on Tuesday the 14th December 2010 that on its completion this agreement will be submitted for a vote by the Dáil and that in the absence of such an announcement, that I would take such further action to compel the laying of the resolution before the Dáil.

“Today my solicitors again communicated with the Chief State Solicitor’s Office and also corresponded with the Attorney General Mr Paul Gallagher on this issue.

“It is clear that today’s announcement that Government will now put the EU/IMF bailout deal to a Dáil vote, is a direct result of Sinn Féin’s threat of legal action.

“Once again, as was the case with the Donegal South West by-election, it has taken legal initiatives by Sinn Féin to force this totally discredited Government to live up to its democratic responsibilities.

“Sinn Féin will be voting against this sell-out deal with the IMF, a deal that will burden our children and grand-children with mountains of debt incurred by speculators who gambled and lost. We call on all members of the Dáil to vote against this deal. We also call on all parties to make a commitment that if they are in Government they will scrap this sell-out.”

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Funny story for the day thats in it.

A guy dies and goes to heaven. It's a slow day for St. Peter, so, upon passing the entrance test, St. Peter says, "I'm not very busy today, why don't you let me show you around?"

The guy thinks this is a great idea and graciously accepts the offer. St.Peter shows him all the sights, the golf course, the reading room and library, the observation room, the cafeteria and finally, they come to a HUGE room full of clocks.

The guy asks, "What's up with these clocks?"

St. Peter explains, "Everyone on earth has a clock that shows how much time he has left on earth. When a clock runs out of time, the person dies and comes to the Gates to be judged." The guy thinks this makes sense but notices that some of the clocks are going faster than others. He asks why is that?

St. Peter explains, "Every time a living person tells a lie, it speeds his clock."

This also makes sense, so the guy takes one last look around the room before leaving and notices one clock in the center of the ceiling. On this clock, both hands are spinning at an unbelievable rate. So he asks, "What's the story with that clock?"

"Oh, that," St. Peter replies, "That's Brian Cowens clock. We decided to use it as a fan."