Sunday, August 11, 2013

22 robberies in one day is intolerable - O' Connell

A local Sinn Féin representative has appealed for people to come forward with information to the Gardaí following a spate of robberies in recent times, cumulating in twenty two house burglaries between Duncormick and Fethard in a single afternoon.  Oisin O' Connell said information that might seem insignificant to the holder could be of huge value to the Gardaí and help prevent future attacks.

Mr O' Connell said;

"In a single afternoon twenty two homes were robbed between Duncormick and Fethard.  That's twenty two families violated in one day.  The situation is becoming intolerable.  Sinn Féin is appealing to anyone with any information about these robberies to come forward to local Gardaí now.  This situation will only get worse unless we meet it head on and take decisive action."

"People, particularly the elderly who live alone, are living in constant fear at this stage.  It seems that gangs carrying out these attacks have an intimate knowledge of local areas and know exactly when to strike.  This aside, they are not invisible and many of these burglaries are being carried out in broad daylight."

"Everyone has a role to play in preventing these burglaries.  The Gardaí in this county are doing everything they can but thanks to government austerity cuts, they are too few in number.  There are only 18 Gardaí to every 10,000 people in Wexford compared to a national average ratio of 25  to 10,000.  Rural garda stations, such as the one in Ballywilliam, have been closed down leaving communities even more vulnerable."

"Recently some local communities have started text alert schemes to try and keep their neighbours updated on suspicious behaviour in the area.  It is this type of community spirit and collective responsibility that will be crucial in eventually smashing the gangs who are carrying out these robberies.  It's vital that information is shared to the local authorities.  Even the most inconspicuous piece of information could prevent a robbery or attack"

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