Sunday, August 11, 2013

New Ross youths forced to emigrate to cut unemployment figures

Twice as many New Ross people are emigrating as are coming off the live register into employment on average, according to a local spokesperson for Sinn Féin.  Oisin O' Connell said that figures showing that over 150,000 under 25's have emigrated since 2008 while the rate of unemployment within that group stays at 26.5% shows that we have a crisis that is not being addressed by our government.

"There are currently 7250 leaving Ireland every month in search of employment and a better life abroad," Mr O' Connell said, "Make no mistake they are not choosing to leave, this is not a lifestyle choice as a certain Fianna Fail Minister once said.  This is forced emigration.  Our friends and neighbours from across South Wexford are being forced out due to the mismanagement of the economy by successive governments and the total failure of the austerity politics."

"Twice as many people are emigrating as are coming off the live register into employment.  They are leaving because there are no jobs for them here."

"Sinn Féin have consistently called for an end to austerity politics and the introduction of a massive stimulus programme to get the country back to work.  We have proposed major job creation projects within this county including the construction of  a new sugar beet processing plant in New Ross, the development of Rosslare Europort and the construction of state funded business parks in the larger rural villages which ballooned in size during the boom but were never developed properly by the state at the time."

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