Friday, August 16, 2013

Social housing waiting list increased by 30% in New Ross town

There are now 348 households on a waiting list for social housing in New Ross, an increase of 30% since 2011.  This is as a result of government neglect and a total lack of vision according to local Sinn Féin rep Oisin O' Connell.

Mr O' Connell said;

"This rise in families waiting on the social housing list in New Ross is at odds with what is happening in other parts of the county, where the waiting list has actually dropped.  Questions must be asked as to why it is New Ross that has apparently been given the short straw and left behind.  The truth is, in a country where we have 14.5% of properties vacant, there should not be waiting lists on this scale."

"The fact that 348 families are stuck on an ever increasing housing list is an absolute disgrace and proof of the total lack of vision employed by this government.  Even when faced with a simple equation of many empty houses and equally as many families looking for homes, they are incapable of doing the arithmetic and once again fall flat on their face."

"Earlier this year Sinn Féin petitioned the government to tackle the social housing crisis by getting tough with NAMA and taking back property which is really owned by the taxpayer anyway.  We also called for the construction of 5000 new housing units by the end of 2013 with a further 4000 being built next year.  So far our calls have fallen on deaf ears."

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