Saturday, August 28, 2010

Traffic calming methods for Duncormick

An accident Waiting to happen?
Duncormick needs speed ramps now!

Rathangan Sinn Féin are calling on the council to deal with dangerous speeding traffic in the village of Duncormick.

Duncormick village is now home to many young families, who’s children are being endangered by reckless, speeding drivers day and night. No precautions have so far been put in place. Sinn Féin Councillor Anthony Kelly recently visited Duncormick to see for himself the situation that exists.
“The people of Duncormick are long overdue a solution to this problem,” Cllr. Kelly said, “Its true that funds are tight at the moment, but people come first and the people of this village deserve to feel safe and to feel that their children are safe. We don’t want a terrible accident in Duncormick before we decide to take action.”

Rathangan SF are now collecting names for a petition to introduce traffic calming measures in Duncormick.When completed, Cllr. Kelly will deliver it to the county council. Cllr. Kelly has also promised to speak to the county council’s senior engineer about the problem, and to work on
possible solutions.

If you feel that there are other areas of your parish that require traffic calming measures to be put in place, then contact Rathangan SF or Cllr. Kelly, and we will get to work on the problem immediately.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Yes We Can

This weeks edition of a local Wexford paper contains a two page piece on the Facebook subculture of our county.
Within this is a half page article on the use of facebook by Wexford politicians. It goes into detail about a few politicians Facebook profiles, including Fianna Fail's Michael Sheehan, who popularised his account by adding an Obama campaign style picture of himself.
There is No mention of the party who uses Facebook the most in Wexford, Sinn Féin.
Of course, we have gotten used to this media censorship by now.

The very same local paper which printed this article also edited pictures of the last Wexford Health Rally to exclude images of Sinn Féin members.
They also ran a pulic survey which concluded that 100% of the population would welcome the Queen of England here on a state visit, despite the ludicrous cost of said visit to the Irish Taxpayer, which of course was not mentioned.
Newspapers are supposed to report an unbiased, true account of the news. Instead we get a section 31-esque stance. A world view where Sinn Féin is airbrushed out of existence, and where our councillors are regularly misquoted or have their best statements credited to an opposition representative.
Maybe this explains why we are the biggest political user of Facebook in Wexford. It gives us a chance to break through the censorship curtain and tell the people of Wexford what we really represent and stand for. Them.

Can we overcome this media censorship and manipulation?
Yes We Can.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Are you entitled to the Winter Fuel Allowance?

A Fuel Allowance is a payment under the National Fuel Scheme to help with the cost of heating your home. It is paid to people who are dependant on long-term social welfare or Health Service Executive (HSE) payments and who are unable to provide for their own heating needs. The scheme operates for 32 weeks from September to the end of April.

You may qualify for a fuel allowance if you are getting:
State Pension (Contributory) or State Pension (Non-Contributory)
State Pension (Transition)
Widow's or Widower's (Contributory) Pension or Widow's or Widower's (Non-Contributory) Pension
Incapacity Supplement under the Occupational Injuries Benefit scheme
-Blind Pension -Invalidity Pension -Disability Allowance -Deserted Wife's Benefit or Allowance
Guardian's Payment (Contributory) or Guardian's Payment (Non-Contributory) Farm Assist -One-Parent Family Payment -Pre-Retirement Allowance -Prisoner's Wife's Allowance
Long-term Jobseeker's Allowance (15 months) -Basic Supplementary Welfare Allowance
Social Security Pension from an EE/EEA country or a country with whom Ireland has a bilateral social security agreement -Special Department of Defence Allowance
If You are taking part in Back to Work Allowance (BTWA), Back to Work Enterprise Allowance (BTWEA), Rural Social Scheme, Revenue Job Assist or FÁS Community Employment and are entitled to keep your secondary benefits

The Fuel Allowance is €20 per week.

If you are not getting a social welfare payment, your Fuel Allowance can be paid directly into your account in a financial institution or you can collect the allowance at your local post office using your social services card.

Wexford Sinn Féin condemn ESB Hikes

Cllr. Anthony Kelly has demanded that the government abandon its plans to introduce a new levy which will push electricity prices up by 5%. Cllr. Kelly said such a levy was untenable at a time when many families were already struggling to meet bills, including electricity bills.

Cllr. Kelly said, “The government must abandon its plan to introduce a new electricity levy. People struggling to pay bills including electricity bills are astounded that the government would propose introducing such a levy at this time that will drive costs up by a further 5%. This move shows how far out of touch Fianna Fáil and the Greens really are.
They have no understanding of the difficulties which people, many of whom have lost their jobs, are facing. Have they not seen how many people are already having their electricity cut off because they are in arrears?”
“This move will also cost jobs as the price hike will hit
struggling businesses. It simply doesn’t make sense to proceed with such a levy at this time. Sinn Féin would not introduce such a levy which simply punishes ordinary households. All other opposition parties should make a clear commitment to reverse this levy if they get into government.”

Friday, August 13, 2010

Local bus link to be closed

Rathangan Sinn Féin has learned that our local bus link, "The Rural Bus", is to end service of local routes in the next few weeks.
A recent piece in a local newspaper claimed the bus service was not being used. Sinn Féin can reveal that this is total lies, and is similar to propaganda spread to discredit the Rosslare to Waterford Rail link, which may also discontinue services in a few weeks.
The Rural Bus is used, and relied upon by many people in your community, especially old age pensioners and young people. The service provides a vital link to the local towns for these people.
The Rural Bus service is funded by the Rural Transport Programme (RTP), which arose from a commitment by the Department of Transport in the National Development Plan 2000-2006 to support the development of pilot transport programmes in rural areas. If the service is to be terminated, it will be because Government funding has been removed.
Sean Fitzpatrick and his Nama protected elite friends owe the state millions, but continue to live the highlife. Not even bankruptcy will change that.
You, the honest tax payers, are expected to give up all your services to allow the Government the funding to bail out these criminals.
Don't let the Government or the media pull the wool over your eyes!
Stand up - Fight Back.

South Wexford to lose its rural bus service.

If the train service on the South Wexford Railway Line (Rosslare Hbr to Waterford) is discontinued a rail-replacement bus service is due to be implemented. In their quarterly performance report to the National Transport Authority, a document which any member of the public may view, Bus Éireann speak in glowing terms of this bus service which will give “Improved social and economic inclusion for the area of South Wexford.” (page 13).

At present there is a local bus from Waterford to Wexford at 945am every morning (except Sundays) which returns from Wexford mid-afternoon. Unlike its express counterpart on Route 40 which stays firmly on the N25, the cross-country route provides a crucial service to many villages and rural communities and serves different areas on different days. It allows people to travel into Wexford for a few hours for shopping, appointments and onward journeys.

However if the rail replacement bus service is introduced the present 945am bus will be replaced by a 10am departure which will no longer serve different areas on different days. It will operate via Campile and Wellingtonbridge every day leaving many villages and stretches of road without any bus service.

For instance at present on Fridays it serves Foulksmills, Raheen and Taghmon whereas on Saturdays it serves, inter alia, Clongeen and Rochestown. On Mondays and Thursdays it links Hook Peninsula communities such as Templetown, Tintern and Saltmills, to the county town. On Tuesdays it picks up in Carrig on Bannow, Rathangan, Baldwinstown and Bridgetown, bringing the locals to Wexford town, regular passangers on this service have been informed that this service will terminate when the train service terminates.

Under the plans it is apparent that Ballycullane will not only have lost its train service but also its Wednesdays-only bus service.

CIÉ need to take another look at their plans for public transport in South Co. Wexford. Their intent to close thirty-five miles of railway line and withdraw longstanding bus services from several rural communities are totally unacceptable.
(Special Thanks to Tanya Fenelon for this report)

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Youth Unemployment out of control

Ireland now holds the highest emigration rates in Europe.

Incredibly large numbers of people are leaving Irish shores in search of work and will continue to do so, according to new data that has emerged.

According to recent forecasts by the ERSI (Economic and Social Research Institute), in the 12 months before April 2010, the number of people who emigrated from the 26 counties is expected to be 70,000.

Research has also shown that although the state has the highest birth rate and lowest death rate in the EU, Irish people continue to leave in their droves.

It is predicted that 120,000 people will have left by the end of April 2011.

These devastating figures all stem from one core issue - the inaction demonstrated by this incompetent Fianna Fail/Green coalition government. This country, north and south, is losing thousands of its able and willing young people while Brian Cowen & Co. are on national airwaves telling the public that the recession is over and that we have turned some metaphorical corner.