Sunday, October 30, 2011

The second biggest party in the state – Job well done.

Who was the big winner last Friday when the votes were counted for the Presidential and Dublin West By election, as well as the amendment bills to the constitution?

Well certainly it was a good day for the Labour party, and there’s no doubt that Fianna Fail are celebrating victory despite losing their last foothold in the capital and becoming the first Fianna Fail party in history to have no representation there. Their candidate David McGuinness polled well, as did their de-facto presidential candidate Sean Gallagher. Of course ask most Gallagher supporters why they voted for him and they won’t mention Fianna Fail. In fact, they would likely reject him if he wore the tag of official Fianna Fail candidate.

History will surely judge Sinn Fein as the big winners of this campaign however. Two party percentage polls taken during the election had Sinn Fein listed as the second most popular political party in the state, ahead of Labour and Fianna Fail.

There can now be little doubt that Sinn Fein is the main party of the opposition, leading the voice against austerity and identifying itself firmly as the people’s party.

Ask anyone not interested in politics in this state who the leader of Fianna Fail is, or to name their front bench, and you will get few correct answers. Ask them the same question about Sinn Fein and the names Gerry Adams, Mary Lou McDonald and Pearse Doherty roll off their tongues.

The future now looks bright for Sinn Fein as the party goes from strength to strength. Martin McGuinness’s brave decision to run in an election where there was never any doubt that he would be mercilessly targeted by a vile media has paid off. The people of Ireland are no longer willing to shy away from a candidate when the establishment set their media hound and their conservative altered history book of Ireland upon them.

“Stop the handover” – Kelly

Sinn Féin Councillor Anthony Kelly is calling on people to join him in a campaign to ‘Stop the Handover’ of billions of euro to Anglo bondholders. The first payment is happening this Wednesday and will be paid out to an unguaranteed senior Anglo bondholder to the tune of €700 million. In January €1.2 billion will be paid out. This is against the backdrop of an austerity budget that will take over €4 billion out of the economy.

Councillor Kelly said:
“This Wednesday the government will pay out €700 million to an unguaranteed senior bond in Anglo Irish bank. This bond payout comes just one month before an austerity budget which will inflict hardship on children, on carers, on the disabled and on the working poor. In January a further €1.2 billion will be paid out. Billions of euros will be handed over while the Irish people face government imposed poverty.”

“The government plans to take between €3.6 and €4 billion out of the budget. A €700 million saving could mean no household charge. It could mean no welfare cuts. Even the smallest cut has the potential to inflict so much damage. The cut of 200 Special Needs Assistants this year caused untold damage for families with special children and saved the state only €6 million.”

“I am encouraging people to make their voices heard. People power can stop this outrageous payout. I am asking everybody to sign our petition which will be rolled out across the county and is also available online linked to Sinn Fein facebook pages. I am urging the people of County Wexford to tell the government to ‘Stop the Handover’.”

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Martin McGuinness Rally in Ferns this Friday.

Presidential candidate Martin McGuinness will visit county Wexford on Friday 14th as part of his campaign to become the people’s president of Ireland. Mr McGuinness will speak at an election rally in the historic town of Ferns on Friday evening.

Seamie Davitt, who is Mr McGuinnesses campaign manager in County Wexford, said that he was delighted that County Wexford had been chosen as the venue for the South East’s McGuinness for President Rally.

“Martin is obviously very busy at the moment as his campaign is an all Ireland one,” Mr Davitt said. “Martin has long campaigned to have voting rights for presidential elections extended to citizens living on the north of our island. Though this will not happen in this election, Martin is still keen to visit all 32 counties of Ireland, letting them know that as President, he will represent all the citizens of Ireland. I’m delighted that he is coming to County Wexford, and I know Martin is eager to tell this historically republican county about his vision for a better Ireland.”

“On Friday evening Martin McGuinness will hold a large public rally for the south east in Ferns. It will start at 7.30pm in The Courtyard in Ferns, Wexford. Hundreds of people from across the south east are expected to attend on the night. Entertainment will be provided by local musicians and Martin will be keen to meet as many people as possible and to outline his vision for a new republic.”

"We have been inundated by members of the public wishing the campaign well and offering to help out in whatever way they can. On Friday 14th people will have an opportunity to become part of the team to elect the Peoples President and to meet Martin himself. We have buses organised for people who wish to travel to the rally in Ferns from the main towns. If people are interested in booking a place on these buses, or want further information on the rally or how they might best help this campaign, they can contact me on 086 0357072, or visit the wexford4mcguinness page on facebook."

The Lady’s not for turning

Speech by Cllr Johnny Mythen at the County Wexford Hunger Strike 30th anniversary Rally in Enniscorthy.

The Lady’s not for turning, Out. Out. Out. There is no such thing as society. These are the words of Margaret Thatcher. This was the mind set, the political dogma. The rejectionist Position, held by the British and orange state. A state ten young Irishmen had to face. Face it they did. By remarkable courage by Strength of mind, an unequal battle with a violent aggressor, a battle for the political and legitimate right to be recognised as political prisoners. In truth, a battle for the very survival of Republicanism.

Isolated, brutally treated, they put forward five simple demands;
• The right not to wear prison uniforms
• The right not to do prison work.
• The right to organise educational and recreational pursuits,
to free association with other prisoners.
• The right to full restoration of remission lost through protest.
• The right to one letter, one visit one parcel a week
These demands were met with the all too familiar and unforgivable attitudes of both Governments.
Some say 1981 was a failure, and everything was lost. However History has proven otherwise. Bobby Sands and his nine young comrades set the loom in motion. Set the loom in motion that went on to weave the tapestry of the Good Friday Agreement which ended the orange state once and for all, and will weave the tapestry for a 32 County Republic. To Bobby Sands, Francis Hughes, Ray Mc Creech, Patsy O Hara, Joe Mc Donnell, Martin Hurson. Kevin Lynch, Kieran Doherty. Thomas Mcelwee , Michael Devine, to all the blanket men and women. We owe an immeasurable gratitude. We owe a most sacred obligation. For these men and women left us their legacy of a precious gift. The gift of the unconquered human spirit.