Monday, January 27, 2014

Do they expect us to pay to drink dirty water?

Water being supplied to thousands of home across the entire southeast of Wexford is unfit to drink according to a local election candidate.  Mick Roche said that water being supplied to homes from Whiterock hill in Wexford town to Kilmore Quay was often coloured and foul smelling and was responsible for the destruction of household appliances due to the build up of lime.

“Time and again, the drinking water being supplied to homes across South East Wexford from the Fardystown Water Scheme has been tested and declared perfectly safe for human consumption,” Mr Roche said, “But try telling yourself that when you’re handing your child a glass of foul smelling brown water or buying a new electric kettle because the other one has been rotted by the build up of lime.”

“The Government expect people living in the affected area from just outside Wexford town to Kilmore Quay, and from Forth Mountain to Rosslare to pay a water tax next year.  It’s not bad enough that they are not willing to fix this problem because technically the water complies with all the standards, now they actually want to tax us for the dirty water that comes through our taps and destroys our kitchen and bathroom appliances.”

“Families who have enquired about a solution to their water supply problems have been advised to buy a home filtering system or domestic water softeners, which could cost more than €1000.  Is it Minister Hogans intent to offer a rebate for homes that have purchased such devices or consider exempting those being supplied from the Fardystown supply from the water tax altogether?”

The Sinn Féin candidate said that this had been a live issue for ten years and had consistently been pushed under the carpet whenever anyone went to the media with a glass of dirty water or proof of how many times they had to replace a shower system or dishwasher in the space of a few years due to the hard water.  “Fine Gael and Labour have tried hard to make water an important issue so they can get another tax in but they won’t take action when thousands of families are being fed a grossly inadequate supply.  Asking people to pay for this running slime without any attempt at rectifying the situation would be inflammatory.”



  1. im from new ross and i wont be paying any water meter bill. the water is riddled with floride which is a poison and since the winter there is now chlorine, even my cat wont drink the tap water lol they can cut me off if they want but as soon as people start paying for dirty water over a small number of years the quality will get worse fact.

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