Friday, January 10, 2014

€50 million scandal shows Irish Water is already contaminated – Kelly

Cllr Anthony Kelly has described the spending of €50 million by Irish Water on consultants as an utter disgrace and proof that the utility company is already contaminated.  The Sinn Féin rep called on all elected reps in Wexford to immediately condemn the action and jointly request that John Tierney of Irish Water appear before the Public Accounts Committee to explain this gross misuse of public finances.

“Mr Tierney, who has had the cheek to suggest that homeowners who do not pay their water charges in full will have their supply severely restricted, has wasted €50 million of taxpayers’ money on consultants,” Cllr Kelly said, “He needs to appear before the Public Accounts Committee immediately to explain his actions and Minister Phil Hogan needs to make his position known, as does every single elected representative across this island.  Local politicians need to unite and call for a full enquiry into how this was allowed to happen.”

“€200 million has gone out of our budget into Irish Water while another €600 million has been raised through motor tax.  €500 million will also be taken from the National Pension Reserve Fund to install meters.  Irish Water is devouring public money and what are we getting in return?  It has been proven that 58% of our treated water is wasted through leaks in the inadequate public water supply network.  None of this money has been used to repair these leaks.  Instead, the great ‘water conservationist’ Phil Hogan, has allowed Irish Water to squander €50 million.”

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