Thursday, January 30, 2014

Government’s commitment to job sustainability is only skin deep – O’ Connell

Speaking following the closure of Irish Driver-Harris in New Ross, Oisin O’ Connell has accused the government of having no plan to preserve existing employment and create new sustainable jobs.  The Sinn Féin local election candidate has called for an emergency intervention to be made in an attempt to save the 47 threatened jobs.

Mr O’ Connell said;

“Part of the failure for the collapse of Irish Driver-Harris must lay with a government that is overly keen to express its job creation potential but cannot deal with the core reasons for the continuing closures of established businesses across Ireland.   IDH has been part of New Ross for eighty years.  It deserves more than a snap closure.  The employees deserve more.”

“Schemes like JobPath and Jobs Bridge might offer enthusiastic statistics but creating low paid jobs that in many cases are completely unsustainable is no match for saving and developing long standing successful businesses.  IDH failed because it had no access to credit, was straddled with business rates and had absolutely no support from either national or local government.”

“We are calling upon the government to make an emergency intervention here to try and salvage these 47 jobs and to use this incident as a wakeup call.  It’s time to tackle the many issues that are strangling businesses out of existence like upward only rent reviews, outrageous commercial rates, lack of credit from banking institutions and lack of government investment.”

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