Thursday, January 30, 2014

Roche pushes for new street lighting for ‘dark estate’ in Bridgetown

A local election candidate is campaigning for the introduction of street lighting into what he describes as a ‘dark estate’ in Bridgetown.  Mick Roche said that residents in Lakelands had been left in the dark for the entire duration of the current council despite having pleaded with election candidates to fix the issue prior to the last elections.

“Parts of Lakelands have no street lighting at all,” Mr Roche said, “Besides from the obvious safety issues involved in being left in the dark, some residents are afraid to even walk down to the shops after dark for fear of what or who might be lurking in the shadows.”

“The worse thing about this is it was brought to the attention of the sitting members of Wexford County Council when they canvassed this area prior to the last local elections, and to potential TDs prior to the 2011 General Election.  Residents pleaded for action to be taken but nothing was done.”

“My colleague, Cllr Anthony Kelly, has moved on this issue and is helping us to petition the council to get new street lighting installed in Lakelands as soon as possible.  This type of situation would not be tolerated in Wexford town.  It is unacceptable that villages like Bridgetown are ignored by the council because they have no local representation.  It’s time to put the lights back on in these rural villages.”

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