Friday, January 10, 2014

Mythen concerned over EirGrid project

The Chairperson of Enniscorthy Town Council has stated that he has real concerns about the EirGrid Grid Link project and believes that the government is purposely ignoring reasonable arguments put forward against the project due to the influence of vested interests.  Cllr Johnny Mythen, who attended recent public meetings on this issue, has called for the government to engage in serious dialogue with communities who oppose the plan.

Cllr Mythen said he was asking the government to come clean on the EirGrid link project.  “There are questions by the stakeholders that need honest answers.  Under the European rules major projects must come with an environmental impact statement, followed up by an economic and social impact study on the areas concerned.  No such statement has come forward to date.”

“Again we see decisions influenced by very wealthy individuals that will cause havoc to the most beautiful natural landscapes of Munster and Leinster forever.  People’s homes will be devalued and rendered unsalable.  Some have genuine fears of health implications.”

“Therefore it is not unreasonable in such a small Island to ask both the Government and EirGrid to underground their project. The only argument both parties are peddling at the moment is that it is too expensive. Seriously in the long run what value do you put on the natural beauty of our Country, or the social ,economic, environmental values these 43 metre(140ft.) pylons are going to destroy.”

“This Country belongs to all its citizens, not exclusively to the executive committee in Dail Eireann.  Vested interests must not come before the protection of our natural environment.”

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