Saturday, January 28, 2012

The Bondholders YOU are paying off

Last Wednesday the Fine Gael/Labour coalition government handed over €1.25 billion to another unguaranteed unsecured Anglo Irish Bank bondholder Gerry Adams condemned the action in the Dail and asked the Taoiseach to name these bondholders. Enda Kenny refused to name them insisting that he didn’t know their identities.

Last Wednesday’s handover was paid by IBRC, the bank created from the merger of Anglo and Nationwide. As this bank is now state owned and reliant upon regular cash injections from the taxpayer, it is the Irish people who paid off this bondholder, and who will continue to pay off unsecured bondholders for as long as it is the policy of the government.

€30.6bn of taxpayers’ money has already been pumped into IBRC through the use of I.O.U’s called promissory notes. Factoring in interest, the promissory notes will cost the Irish people €47.4bn over 20 years. Our Taoiseach might not want to tell you the names of the bondholders, but we do. The list provided below has been judged to be accurate by several economists and investigators.

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  1. 90% of the money is leaving the country so we are all paying tax that we cant afford two for the government to give it to the bond holders.i say burn the fuckers it would take less time for the country to recover from our actions rather then the governments after burning the bonding holders