Saturday, July 20, 2013

Vice-Chair of Enniscorthy Council slams electoral reform

The last Vice-Chairperson of Enniscorthy Town Council has strongly criticised the governments electoral reform which will close town and borough councils across the state from next year.  Cllr Johnny Mythen said the decision to abolish town councils and replace them with a larger county council was undemocratic and did not serve the best interests of the local citizens.

The Sinn Féin Councillor said;

"Sinn Féin has called for reform of our electoral system and an overhaul of local government .  However, reform without power is like having a guard dog without any teeth - useless. Democracy is best served as close to the people as possible. Minister Phil Hogan has swept local democracy away from the people by closing down 80 Town councils, and using the new district councils as mere tax collectors for central Government."

"Local government's  sole purpose is to serve the  interests of the local citizens and to make sure all areas are treated equally.  Sinn Féin has consistently called for radical reform to allow the devolution of powers from central government to local councils so that they may serve a fruitful purpose."

"Losing local Town Councils cannot  be hailed as reform  when the price to pay is the destruction of local democracy on a scale never witnessed before or since the foundation of this state. Somehow I don't think this Government will go down in history as the great reformers of the 21st. century."

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