Saturday, July 20, 2013

Loss of medical card for cancer patients is shameful - Kelly

Cllr Anthony Kelly has called on local government TDs to block Minister James Reillys plan to take the discretionary medical card from many patients with cancer, including children.  The Sinn Féin Councillor said that this move was shameful and would in some way effect every family in this county.

"Every family in County Wexford has been affected in some way by cancer," Cllr Kelly said.  "People receiving treatment are already under extreme stress.  Now this is to be added to by the governments crazed decision to cut the discretionary medical card for many cancer patients.  I have seen the lowest of the low decisions taken by both this Fine Gael/Labour coalition and their Fianna Fail predecessors, but this takes it to a new level."

"Fine Gael promised to introduce free GP care to all prior to the last election.  When questioned on it, they still say that this is their plan.  Now they are removing the medical card for some people who need it the most.  How is this free healthcare?  How is this any different to the Fianna Fail health cuts that Fine Gael and Labour so vocally opposed?"

"Assessments for the medical card cannot be only about income, they have to take into account aliment, expense of treatment and general compassion as well.  This should be evident where the applicant has a life-limiting condition like cancer.  Local government TDs, Paul Kehoe, Liam Twomey and Brendan Howlin, need to make their opposition to this known and do everything is their power to stop this shameful act."

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