Sunday, August 11, 2013

Cullenstown development would boost tourism - O' Connell

The development of tourism services and safety features at Cullenstown strand would further boost tourism in the New Ross district according to a local spokesperson for Sinn Féin.  Oisin O' Connell said that this fantastic summer had shown the true economic potential of South Wexford's beaches but had also revealed a lack of development in certain areas.
Oisin O' Connell outside an abandoned shop/diner in Cullenstown

Mr O' Connell said;

"The great summer weather we have experienced in recent weeks has led to shown the awesome economic potential of our coastline.  A trip to Duncannon during the hot weather would reveal the endless possibilities  that a well planned, well managed beach community could offer."

"I was recently contacted by locals who had visited Cullenstown beach, near Carrig-on-Bannow.   They asked me to come down and have a look at the area myself.  While it is clear that coastal erosion has had a damaging effect on this strand, a good crowd were on the beach when I arrived and it was clear that this was another area that had huge potential.  In fact, up to twenty years ago, Cullenstown was one of the most popular beaches in the south east and a major tourist site."

"The thing that struck me about cullenstown was the lack of services.  The local shop and restaurant have been boarded up and empty for over a decade.  The road connecting the big beach to  a more recluse smaller one is almost impassable.  There are signs along the beach warning that parts are not suitable for swimming but there are no lifeguards on duty, even during the hottest days when crowds descend on the beach."

"Cullenstown is a beautiful beach and could be an economic gem if properly managed.  The failure of local government to plan and manage the development of Cullenstown has had a telling effect on the local area which is devoid of the most basic of services.  Sinn Féin will be petitioning for new development plans to be drawn up for abandoned coastal areas like Cullenstown so we may truly optimise the potential of South Wexford's coastline."

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