Friday, August 16, 2013

Kelly raises concerns about frontline services in Wexford

Cllr Anthony Kelly has raised concerns that there may be further cost saving cuts implemented at Wexford General Hospital this winter following the HSE admission that they are expecting to run €100 million over budget.  The Wexford Borough Councillor said that the temporary closure of the women's refuge centre showed the lengths that the authorities were prepared to go to close this deficit and said that he was worried we would see more temporary closures at our local hospital.

"Last winter Sinn Féin were vocal in our opposition to the cost cutting temporary closure of operating theatre two at Wexford General Hospital following a budget overspend by the HSE," Cllr Kelly said.  "This year the HSE are once again running over budget, and already we have seen the lengths they are prepared to go to rectify this with the controversial closure of the women's refuge in Wexford town."

"The HSE have stated that the biggest overrun is coming from the states hospitals, expected to go €75 million over budget by the end of the year.  They do not state that the reason for this is because of health cuts introduced by the Fine Gael and Labour coalition and the previous Fianna Fail led government."

"Though Wexford General is not one of the hospitals with the largest overspends, we would still be concerned that more cost cutting measures would be on the way.  Any form of downgrading at our local hospital, permanent or temporary, will be fiercely resisted.  Stealth cost cutting will not be tolerated and will be exposed and opposed if attempted."

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