Friday, May 2, 2014

"Duncannon is falling into the sea" - residents worried about coastal erosion

Duncannon residents are extremely worried about the effects of coastal erosion on the popular south wexford village.  Major damage was done to homes and the beach during the most recent storms, leading to over 16 feet of sand dunes being washed away.  According to locals, this has left the village, and the main road into it, dangerously exposed to the sea.

Last month a delegation from the County Council met with Duncannon residents and assured them that action would be taken and that emergency government funding would be accessed to deal with this problem.  To date, the residents haven't even received a letter of confirmation from the Council.  Tensions are rising in the tourist hotspot, with many claiming that their concerns are being ignored and will be ignored until it is too late.

Local Sinn Féin election candidate Oisin O' Connell visited the village recently with his party's European candidate, Liadh Ní Riada.  Mr O' Connell stressed that action needed to be taken now before things got worse and questioned why the government hasn't accessed available EU funding to deal with the situation.

"In South Wexford we have always had a battle on our hands with the sea," Mr O' Connell said, "Some years ago coastal protection measures were employed in Duncannon when it looked like the golf course was going to disappear into the sea.  Similar measures were put into place in other areas like Cullenstown.  They weren't pretty but they worked, mainly because of the promptness in which the projects were commenced."

"Similar measures need to put into action now to protect the road into Duncannon and local residents.  I am shocked that the government has made no attempt to draw down on funding from the EU which is available for these kinds of projects."

As the good weather finally appears in Wexford, people will move in their throngs to the beautiful Duncannon beach.  It's essential that action is taken to safeguard this great south wexford asset now.

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