Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Carrig estate has been abandoned by the local government - O' Connell

Speaking after canvassing the Caislean an Dinigh estate in Carrig-on-Bannow recently, Oisin O' Connell said that this campaign had opened his eyes to the disconnect between the County Council and the unrepresented people of South Wexford.  The Sinn Féin candidate has urged people who feel let down and abandoned to use their vote on May 23rd and vote for change.

"I would not consider the service that the residents of Caislean an Dinigh are receiving from their local government as representation," Mr O' Connell said, "This is yet another estate that has effectively been left to its own devices, not seeing a local rep from one election until the next.  They have managed to keep the estate in great condition despite having access to absolutely no help or funding from the County Council."

"Its shocking to learn that when the electricity goes off in Caislean an Dinigh, so does the water.  This in turn causes residents to have extinguish their fires because of how the back boilers were installed in their homes.  When a local questioned a member of the County Council about this, they were told, 'Well sure, you got the lovely view didn't you?' "

"Without a doubt the view is beautiful but unfortunately you can't eat scenery and it certainly won't keep you warm when your electricity and water cuts off and you are forced to put out your fire to stop the boiler exploding."

"Everywhere we go, every estate we canvass, every person we meet, we hear more of these horror stories that illustrate the complete incompetence of local and national government and the mismanagement mess they have made of our county.  People should not have to live in these third world type of conditions in modern Ireland.  Something has gone very wrong in our local government and the time has come to rectify it."

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