Friday, May 2, 2014

Albatros needs to come down now - Ní Riada

A local European election candidate has joined the calls for the Albatross factory to be promptly and safely demolish as a matter of urgency.  Sinn Féins Liadh Ní Riada was shocked at the scale of the problem when she visited the site with local rep Oisin O' Connell during a visit to New Ross last week.

Mr O' Connell said that his party had been raising the issue of Albatross for over ten years and had recently brought it to the Dail.  "We in Sinn Féin have been consistent on this; Albatross has to come down safely and quickly.  After the recent storm damage it's clear that the plan agreed between the council and Thomas McDonagh & Son to demolish the factory over three to five years is totally unacceptable."

“McDonagh & Sons stated last year that the site posed ‘no health, safety or public risk.’ Clearly this is not the case and the given timescale for the demolition of this old factory can no longer be accepted by the local council.  How long before another storm causes more asbestos to be blown throughout the area, onto public roads and into people’s gardens?”

"I welcome Liadh Ní Riadas involvement in this situation.  I know that she intends to raise this issue nationally, and in Europe if necessary.  I also know from her that what has happened with albatross is not an isolated incident.  People cannot have faith in the state when it continues to allow large property owners to leave structures in conditions that are a threat to anyone.  Emergency safe demolition of the albatros complex must be prioritised now.”

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