Friday, May 2, 2014

Costs of doing business must be reviewed to promote job creation

Employers are being put out of action causing more unemployment and uncertainty in the labour market due to the expenses of doing businesses according to a local Sinn Féin candidate.  Oisin O' Connell said that answer was not the governments wage cut programme but rather a new and effective approach to dealing with business bills.

Mr O' Connell said;

"Almost 70% of people employed in Ireland are at work for small and medium enterprises.  It is businesses like your local shop, hairdresser and taxi company that are employing Ireland, not the multi nationals that we hear so much about.  These are the companies that must be protected in order for more employment to be created and more potential employers to appear on the scene."

"128,000 jobs have been lost in this sector since the recession began.  They have been lost because this government, and the previous Fianna Fail led coalition, were unable and unwilling to tackle the root causes behind the expense of doing business in this state.  Fine Gael have now came up with the brainwave that cutting employees wages will save the sme sector.  Speaking as a successful businessman, I can say with certainty that once again Fine Gael are wrong."

"Sinn Féin is proposing tackling the expense of doing business by initiating a series of progressive measures beginning by freezing utility bills for two years.  We would invest in broadband offering businesses a better, more competitive service and review current commercial rates which are putting companies out of business.  We also support a temporary rebate on fuel for transport companies."

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