Friday, May 2, 2014

How can we expect to boost tourism with roads like these - Roche

A local election candidate has demanded that action be taken to deal with the appalling state of roads across rural Wexford.  Mick Roche said that the disgraceful state of roads around coastal areas in particular could have a negative impact on tourism in the county this summer.

The Sinn Féin rep said;

"County Wexford has some of the most beautiful coastline in the state.  It's a jewel in the crown of South Eastern tourism.  However, getting to these wonderful locations is being made difficult due to the disgraceful condition of our roads."

"Recently I have been canvassing in the Lady's Island and Carne areas where the local road is in a terrible state of disrepair.  The road needs to be resurfaced from Broadway through the island into Carne.  This is a hotspot for tourists and leaving it like this leaves a very poor impression on visitors."

"The people of Wexford pay more than enough in motor tax and local property tax for the upkeep of their roads.  Yet it is quite obvious without even looking at where these funds are actually going that they are not being spent on the local road network.  As a local County Councillor I will demand that adequate funds are allocated to our council and that our road network is properly maintained."

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