Sunday, October 14, 2012

Saltmills Commemoration 2012

An annual commemoration to mark an event that resulted in the greatest number of casualties in the war of independence in County Wexford was held in Saltmills earlier today.  Cllr Anthony Kelly was the main speaker at the ceremony.

On the twelfth of October, 1920, an IRA unit were preparing explosives in an old unoccupied house located at St. Kearns, Saltmills in South Wexford.  Five men were killed when the explosives detonated prematurely.  They were survived by nine comrades.

Every year local Sinn Féin mark this occasion, remembering the past and honouring those who gave all for the struggle while also looking to the future.  What would those men and women of the 1916-1923 period have thought of political parties that support mass austerity against struggling families, the paying out of unsecured bondholders while hospital operating theatres are closed and the handing over of our economic sovereignty to the Troika without even a fight?

The struggle continues....

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