Thursday, October 11, 2012

Kelly welcomes Rosslare Europort Development Plan

Cllr Anthony Kelly has welcomed the addition of proposals regarding the development of Rosslare Europort in Sinn Féin's Jobs Plan which was launched in Dublin earlier today. Cllr Kelly, who has campaigned for the development of the harbour, said the proposed €50 million deepening of one berth at Rosslare would create jobs, stem emigration and stimulate the local economy.

Cllr Kelly said;

“The inclusion of a proposal to deepen one of the berths at Rosslare Europort in the "Investing in Ireland's future - Create Jobs Create growth” document is a positive development and proof that Sinn Féin is the only party campaigning for a stimulus for County Wexford. This proposal would create immediate and long term employment, safe guard the future of a port that has been underuse in recent years, stimulate the local economy across the south east and stem the rising tide of emigration.”

“Despite the neglect of Rosslare by successive Irish governments, trade has actually increased through the port in recent years. Since 2007, continental corridor traffic has increased by 15%, seeing 230,000 continental corridor passengers pass through the port in 2010. Freight has increased from 20,000 units in 2007 to 26,000 units in 2010.”

“Rosslare is currently the second biggest passenger port and second biggest RoRo freight port in the state. An Irish Ports Association report revealed that ferry based tourism through Rosslare Europort in 2004 was worth €550 million to the Irish economy and supported over 5000 jobs.”

“There is a necessity for the extension and deepening of the port so as to have increased capacity for when the economic recovery kicks in. Currently the port has 7.2 metres of water. Sinn Féin is proposing deepening one of the berths to 9 metres. This proposal would be in line with Article 6 of the Habitats Directive, be in compliance with the Water Framework Directive and the Programme of Measures contained in the South Eastern River Basin Management Plan (2009-2015) and ensures the protection of the Wexford Harbour Outer Shellfish Area.”

“The deepening of the port would allow larger freight to use Rosslare and increase the already high levels of traffic coming through. To further aid this, a rail cargo depot could be built at the harbour which would facilitate the logistics business and help divert heavy traffic from the public road network. It could in turn lead to the reopening of the Rosslare to Waterford Rail line. All this would create employment.”

“Rosslare Europort should be developed as a gateway for tourism into the south east.  The promotion of County Wexford and the wider south east as a tourist destination, particularly for the British and continental European market would create further employment, provide vital reinvigoration for the struggling South Wexford retail industry and further make use of a reopened Rosslare to Waterford Rail line.”

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