Thursday, October 11, 2012

NAMA is biggest stitch up since the treaty - Mythen

An Enniscorthy town councillor has said that NAMA is the biggest stitch up since the Anglo Irish Treaty after it emerged that the former head of lending at NAMA had recently become a partner in a company that had moved to successfully purchase a NAMA held property. Cllr Mythen said that the whole episode displayed again that the golden circle is still operating.

“This whole episode displays again to the Irish people that the golden circle are still operating and gaining millions, while the country is on its knees. Minister Noonan's cry in the Dail that N.A.M.A. workers are subject to the official secrets act is again an attempt to wallpaper over the real truth.”

“Graham Emmett, a former head of loan sales in NAMA, claims that the deal for a very lucrative piece of property was completed before he was registered as an employee on the books of the purchasing company involved. That being the case, we hope that minister Noonan will be a little more vigilant in the future and make sure that no one will get a second bite of the cherry because that would be a genuine matter of state secrets and inside trading.”

"NAMA is the biggest stitch up in Irish history since the treaty. It's high time that NAMAs transactions were made far more transparent and that the organisation began to work for the benefit of the taxpayers in whose name it was set up."

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