Saturday, October 13, 2012

Double standards government endangering Wexford health service – O’ Súilleabháin

A spokesperson for local Sinn Féin has accused the Fine Gael/Labour government of practising double standards and, in doing so, endangering County Wexford’s health service.  Speaking at a protest in Gorey yesterday, Fionntán O’ Súilleabháin condemned health budget restrictions which had led to the closure of operating theatre 2 at Wexford General Hospital.

“The closure of operating theatre 2 at Wexford General Hospital is an extremely regressive step even if we are to take the governments word that the full services will be resumed in eleven weeks,” Mr O’ Súilleabháin said.  “Local Labour and Fine Gael reps marched with thousands of Wexford people during a mass protest against threatened Fianna Fail enforced downgrading of services at Wexford General in 2010.  This week they have been extremely quite with one local Fine Gael rep refusing to condemn the loss of services, preferring instead to describe it as ‘unfortunate’.”

“Yes it is unfortunate.  It’s unfortunate that this government has broken its promises to protect and promote Wexford General Hospital.  It’s unfortunate that only last week they were able to rubberstamp the handing over of €1 billion to an unsecured bondholder but this week are forced to close a local operating theatre to save money.  The government is practising blatant double standards, with one rule for bondholders and another for Ireland’s sick.”

“Operating theatre 2 should be reopened immediately and assurances should be given that there will be no downgrading of services at Wexford General Hospital.  There is no point saying that nothing can be done.  Politics is all about choices and its time that this government began to choose the welfare of the Irish people instead of vested interests in the EU and unguaranteed bondholders.”

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