Thursday, March 15, 2012

Rally against Austerity in Wexford Town on the 24th

Wexford Sinn Féin is calling on all those people in the county who oppose the austerity measures implemented by this and the previous government to take to the streets of Wexford town on Saturday the 24th of March next. Cllr Anthony Kelly said that the rally against austerity was being organised to highlight the glaring unfairness in our government unleashing terrible austerity like the household tax on the Irish people while they prepare to pay off a €3.1 billion promissory note to honour the debts of unsecured bondholders at the end of this month.
“The single factor that is causing the Irish economy to stay stagnant is the government policy of austerity,” Cllr Kelly said, “It is directly responsible for the lack of jobs, growing emigration and civil unease. The austerity measures implemented by this government and the previous Fianna Fail led coalition have failed the Irish people. Instead of the creation of jobs and the recovery of the economy they promised us, we have had vital services in education, health and transport cut, the introduction of new taxes and continued long term mass unemployment. Austerity has failed and will go on failing as long as we allow governments to implement these measures.”

“On the 31st of this month our government will pay out €3.1 billion to honour an annual promissory note to the ECB. This money is being used to pay for the sins of greedy bankers and ruthless international gamblers who like to call themselves bondholders. The 31st of March is also the deadline for householders to register to pay the household tax. Only 15% of those households that are eligible to pay the charge have registered. This is a clear signal to the government that the people have broadly rejected the policies of austerity. It’s unfortunate that Fine Gael and Labour still haven’t got the message.”
“This week we have learned that the government may use utility bills to find those people who are not registering to pay the controversial charge. This is yet another threat from our government to the Irish people. There can be no justification for harassing citizens who have been bled dry by years of austerity to pay a charge they cannot afford while our state thinks it appropriate to hand over €3.1 billion to honour the debts of unsecured bondholders.”

“Sometime later this year, we will be asked to vote in what the government refers to as the EU Fiscal Compact Treaty. I prefer to call it the austerity treaty. Sinn Féin opposes this treaty because its introduction will institutionalise permanent austerity in our economy. The new EU treaty, the paying of promissory notes and harsh government measures like the household tax and cuts to services are all unavoidably linked.”
“I’m calling on the people of County Wexford, regardless of their political leanings, to attend the Rally against Austerity on the 24th. In our country today, 440,000 people are unemployed, 50,000 people are emigrating every year and 130,000 children are living in poverty. The definition of insanity is continuing to make the same mistakes again and again while expecting a different result. That sums up our governments belief in austerity. It’s time we sent them a cohesive message that enough is enough.”

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