Friday, March 16, 2012

Councillor has grave concerns over degradation of patients at local hospital

Cllr Anthony Kelly has expressed grave concerns over the possible degradation of patients at Wexford General Hospital following last week’s edition of the Echo breaking the story of how a young Wexford woman endured a humiliating ordeal while being treated on a trolley there. The Sinn Féin councillor has renewed his call on hospital manager Lily Byrne and local HSE representative Mr Richard Dooley to meet with Wexford Borough Council immediately to address the concerns of local reps and their constituents.

“Last week’s breaking story of a local woman’s humiliating episode while being treated on a trolley at Wexford General Hospital flawlessly highlights the crisis that has been brewing there for over a year now,” Cllr Kelly said. “These episodes are becoming more commonplace. How many families haven’t been in some way touched by the trolley crisis at our local hospital? I have been inundated with calls from anxious constituents who have told me horror stories about time spent on the trolleys at Wexford General.”

“It's important to point out that these incidents are occurring despite the immense effort being put in by the hard working staff at Wexford General Hospital. The staff have been fantastic and how they continue to work under such circumstances is beyond me. They deserve to be commended. They, like the patients left on trolleys, are suffering an appalling ordeal.”

“Following these new revelations of the trauma being suffered by patients, I am renewing my call on Hospital Manager Lily Byrne and local HSE representative Mr Richard Dooley to meet with Wexford Borough Council immediately and address the mounting worries of the people of this county. My colleagues and I have been told that the HSE and Ms Byrne are under no obligation to meet with us. I strongly disagree. The people of this town elected the Borough Council to represent them and it is to us they are coming with their concerns.”

“I have grave concerns about the situation at Wexford General. Nothing has been done to rectify the situation there and every week I am hearing new stories of degradation of patients and staff. It’s unacceptable for the HSE and Hospital Management to bury their heads in the sand. No solutions will be found to the trolley crisis at Wexford General Hospital until the management there are prepared to face up to the full extent of this problem.”

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