Monday, March 12, 2012

Mythen attends Rural Schools Meeting

Sinn Féin Cllr Johnny Mythen attended the public meeting against cuts to rural and DEIS schools in Bree last Thursday night. The Enniscorthy Councillor, who has previously campaigned against the loss of SNA services, said that Sinn Féin fully opposes these cuts to rural schools which are vital to the survival of rural Ireland. He added that Wexford Sinn Féin would be holding a public meeting highlighting the attacks on rural Ireland this Wednesday night in Coolgreany.

“These small schools are vital to the survival of Rural Ireland,” Cllr Mythen said. “They are vital to keeping communities and rural families together. They contribute invaluable support to the social and economic surroundings in which they serve. We have finally reached the place where Oscar Wilde Once said, ‘They know the price of everything, but the value of nothing.’ The principle of pure economic gain cannot and should never be applied to Education or Health, and any Government who adopts this policy will do so at their own peril.”

“Wexford Sinn Féin will be holding a public meeting in the Coolgreany Inn, Coolgreany, just outside of Gorey this Wednesday night at 8pm to highlight the attacks on Rural Ireland. In particular we will be discussing cuts to rural schools and the septic tank tax. I’m inviting anyone concerned on these issues to come along and make their voices heard.”

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