Friday, March 2, 2012

A different opinion about Wexford General Hospital in opposition

The Morning Mix show presented by Alan Corcoran on South East Radio every weekday morning can often throw up some interesting stories. Such as this morning when veteran Fianna Fail TD John Browne paid the station a visit.

To preach about the need to protect services at Wexford General Hospital.
This is the same John Browne TD who a little over a year ago was sitting in government with Mary “Hatchet Job” Harney, totally oblivious to the fate of sick patients who were left lying on trolleys in the corridors of our local hospital.

This is the same John Browne TD who argued in favour of the Hanley report and its severe recommendations.

This is the same John Browne TD who sat idly by while wards were closed and beds lost forever at Wexford General Hospital.
Now he’s calling for the protection of services at the same hospital???

This morning Deputy Browne got his answer as the station was inundated with angry messages. One went something like this;

“Where was John Browne when the Hanley Report was being promoted? Where was John Browne when Mary Harney was decimating our local hospital? Did it not take a local Sinn Féin Councillor to stand against the downgrading of our local hospital?”

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