Saturday, November 3, 2012

Stand for our health services before it's too late - Kelly

Cllr Anthony Kelly has urged the people of County Wexford to make a stand for their health services before it's too late after it was announced this week that cancer care treatment at Waterford Regional Hospital is under threat.  Speaking at a protest outside Wexford General Hospital over the continued closure of operating theatre 2 today, the Sinn Féin Councillor said the entire south east health service was under fire and only people power could save it now.

Cllr Kelly said;

"I have deep fears concerning the possible loss of cancer care treatment at Waterford Regional Hospital and the detrimental effects that this will have on people across this county.  It's been revealed this week that plans are in the pipeline to downgrade Waterford from a regional to a county hospital and to scrap its cancer care programme."

"Meanwhile operating theatre 2 remains closed at Wexford General Hospital.  We are about to enter the fifth week of closure and still we are told that everything is ok and that all services will be resumed.  We are told that there will be staff to run the new A&E and that there will be no downgrading at our Wexford General."

"Yet there is the possibility that the local regional hospital is about to be downgraded and much of its services moved to Cork.  How certain can we be that Wexford is safe if Waterford isn't?"

"Those who protest against the closure of operating theatre 2 outside the hospital every week are not trying to talk down the hospital and its staff.  If anything, we are trying to talk them up.  County Wexford cannot afford to lose any of the vital services provided by our hospital and its hard working staff."

"I would urge people to make a stand now and defend your local health service while you still can.  The entire south eastern health service is under fire and only people power can stop widespread downgrading at this stage.  People need to get out and make themselves heard."

Another protest will be held outside Wexford General Hospital at 1.30pm next Saturday to highlight the continued closure of operating theatre  2 and the ongoing threat posed to health services in the region.


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