Saturday, November 3, 2012

Rogue operators putting recognised Saorview installers out of business - Gaughan

A spokesperson for local Sinn Féin and prominent campaigner against the Household tax has criticised the government for failing to set up a register of digital aerial and satellite installers to protect the public from Rogue installers.  Dominick Gaughan said that the lack of legislation made both the public and genuine taxpaying installers the victims of a growing cowboy industry.

Mr Gaughan said;

"The government's failure to set up a register of digital aerial and satellite installers has impacted harshly on both customers and recognised installers.  A few years ago the Irish Satellite and Aerial Association (ISAA) asked the then minister Eamon Ryan  to set up a registered digital installers body similar to what was established in the UK to protect consumers and genuine businesses during the switchover to digital.  Minister Pat Rabitte was also asked when he came to office.  Their failure to act has put many taxpaying operators out of business and led to the consumer paying for work that in a lot of cases was not up to scratch."

"Obviously we are in a bad economic situation and people are attempting to make money anyway they can, and this includes installing Saorview.  However many of these Rogue aerial installers advertising themselves as Saorview installers will not have met the necessary criteria.  They will not have public liability insurance, adequate health and safety training, undergone a criminal record check or have a registered business or company.  In many cases they will not be trained to do the job or have the necessary equipment needed to complete the task satisfactorily."

"Minister Rabbitte and Saorview are not doing enough to protect the public from the hundreds of cowboys and rogue installers that are now operating across this state.  They are not doing enough to protect the hard working, taxpaying small businesses and registered installers who have actually seen their business decrease during the digital switch over.  The government should set up a registered digital installers body as called for by the ISAA immediately."

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