Thursday, November 1, 2012

Closing Garda Stations increases crime - Kelly

A Wexford Councillor has condemned Minister Alan Shatters plans to close eighty rural Garda stations.  Cllr Anthony Kelly said that the closures would lead to an increase in crime and anti social behaviour in affected areas.  Cllr Kelly said Wexford had already witnessed the detrimental effects of closing rural Garda stations.

Cllr Kelly said;

"The closure of rural Garda stations put local communities at risk and lead to an increase in crime in those affected areas.  Earlier this year two rural stations were closed in this county.  One was situated in Balwinstown, just outside the village of Bridgetown."

"Bridgetown is currently experiencing high levels of anti social behaviour.  In recent weeks I have attended two meetings on this issue within that community.  People are afraid.  It's true that the station in Baldwinstown was not full time but it did serve as some sort of a deterrent to what is now sweeping this developing village."

"Both the Irish Farmers’ Association and the Garda Representatives Association, the representatives of rural Ireland and of the vast majority of Gardaí, have rejected these station closures on the grounds that they will lead to the infliction of terrible hardships on small communities.  The idea of replacing a Garda station with a clinic which would be manned for an hour twice a week is adding insult to injury.  Crime does not operate within Ministers Shatters schedule."

"This is another attempt by the government to use the lazy policies of austerity and downgrading of vital services to cut our deficit.  Sinn Féin has proposed progressive alternatives year after year, which are costed by the Department of Finance and endorsed by various social groups, that clearly show there is another way."

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