Thursday, December 19, 2013

Falling trees threat needs to be taken seriously - Roche

A Bridgetown man has warned of the danger of falling roadside debris during stormy weather conditions following an accident outside his house recently in which a young motorist was trapped beneath a fallen tree.  Mick Roche, a candidate for Sinn Féin in the next years local elections, warned that high trees and unsecured roadside foliage poses a serious threat to motorists and urged the County Council to make funding available to deal with the problem before a lethal accident occurs.

"During the recent stormy weather a young motorist was lucky to escape when a tree came down on the car he was travelling in just outside of Bridgetown village," Mr Roche said.  "This occurred on is regularly a busy road on a Saturday afternoon.  It was a miracle that the young man wasn't seriously injured.  The next time this happens we might not be so lucky.  Two other local roads were blocked by fallen trees on the same day."

"Local Council workers need to be commended for the hard work they put in to clear these roads and they are doing everything in their power to keep the roads cut back and safe.  The problem is that funding is not been made available by the powers that be to tackle this issue head on." 

"Roadside trees and foliage that poses a threat to the public need to be identified and safely removed before a life is lost in a terrible accident.  Everyone knows that money is tight but I would like to know exactly what cost will put on a life by our local Councillors?"

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