Saturday, May 5, 2012

Sinn Féin honours Bobby Sands on Wexford Quay front

A black flag vigil was held in honour of Bobby Sands in Wexford town today. A substantial crowd took part in the vigil on the 31st anniversary of Bobby Sands death on hunger strike.

Bobby Sands was the leader of the 1981 republican hunger strike in the Maze prison which was a response to the removal of special category status for republican prisoners. Sands and subsequently nine of his comrades died in an attempt to stop the British policy of criminalising republican POWs.

Today’s vigil saw a large turnout of young Wexford people, many of whom have recently been inspired to join the growing ranks of Sinn Féin in the county through the poetry of Bobby Sands.

While in prison, Sands wrote the following;

It is found in every light of hope,
It knows no bounds nor space
It has risen in red and black and white,
It is there in every race.

It lies in the hearts of heroes dead,
It screams in tyrants' eyes,
It has reached the peak of mountains high,
It comes searing 'cross the skies.

It lights the dark of this prison cell,
It thunders forth its might,
It is 'the undauntable thought', my friend,
That thought that says 'I'm right! '

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