Sunday, May 27, 2012

Prominent Household Campaigner speaks out against Fiscal Treaty

Speaking at a public meeting about the fiscal referendum in Enniscorthy last Thursday night, a prominent household tax campaigner said that the ratification of this treaty would destroy Irish families. Ferns based fire-fighter Dominic Gaughan said that thousands of Irish families were sinking under the weight of austerity and appealed to the people of County Wexford to throw them a lifeline by voting no to the fiscal compact treaty on May 31st.

“Hundreds of thousands of Irish families are sinking at this moment,” Mr Gaughan said, “We are sinking in mortgages, bills, debts, pay cuts, cuts to our social welfare, our pensions and even our child benefit. We’re being faced with tax increases and VAT increases. We’re getting less take home pay while we pay more for petrol and diesel, more for clothes and more for food. This treaty will destroy us.”

“I’m asking the people of County Wexford to pick up a lifeline and throw it to those families. Throw it to us, and by throwing that lifeline you will save the families of Ireland. By throwing that lifeline you will be voting down the treaty of austerity and sending out hope to the rest of Europe. In the last few weeks we have seen thousands of people marching on the streets in Spain. They hold up banners and posters, written in English for us. They say, people of Ireland, vote no to austerity. They don’t get a vote. No one else in Europe gets a vote. Only us.”

“The words that protestors across Europe are trying to say are the words of the French revolutionaries. They are the words of Jim Larkin when he said clearly; the great only appear great to us because we are on our knees. Let us rise. Let us rise and vote no to the treaty of austerity.”

The public meeting on the fiscal referendum in Enniscorthy was organised by County Wexford Sinn Féin.

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