Saturday, May 19, 2012

Treaty does not protect ordinary citizens – Mythen

An Enniscorthy Sinn Féin rep has renewed his call for a no vote in the fiscal referendum at a public meeting in the Ballagh last Thursday night. Cllr Johnny Mythen told the meeting that the fiscal treaty does not protect the ordinary citizens of Ireland or Europe as our government and the yes side claims, but instead will place us all in the hands of ‘bankers and big corporate interests.’

“Austerity is not working,” Cllr Mythen said, “We already have had five austerity budgets and we are still borrowing to pay our debts. These austerity measures have taken the life blood out of our domestic economy, strangled the cash flow to small businesses and done away with our disposable incomes. They have increased unemployment to nearly half a million and have forced young people to emigrate to the disgraceful extent that today more Irish are leaving our shores per month than during the famine years.”
“To vote yes to this treaty means we will be signing up to a contract of permanent economic dominance that will see small nations fully controlled by non elected European Institutions directly influenced and dictated to by the banks and corporate interests. The treaty is dangerously concocted to allow the permanent erosion of our sovereignty and the permanent institutionalisation of austerity. This will mean more cuts to public services, more new taxes and existing tax hikes, the sale of our state assets and the infliction of a huge burden of debt on future generations.”

“This treaty will copper fasten austerity for the Irish people for years to come. It does not protect the destiny and future of ordinary citizens in this country or ordinary citizens across Europe. Instead it will place us all in the greedy hands of bankers and big corporate interests.”

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