Friday, May 18, 2012

Hierarchy Yes Campaigners will never face austerity – O’ Connell

One of the main spokespeople for the campaign against the fiscal compact treaty in County Wexford has said that powerful individuals and organisations who are advocating a yes vote will never face the extreme austerity that ratifying this treaty will bring. Sinn Féin Wexford Chairman Oisin O’ Connell criticised highly paid politicians and economists for endorsing a treaty that, if implemented, will have a detrimental effect on ordinary families across this state.

Speaking at a public meeting on the treaty in the Ballagh last night, Mr O’ Connell said;

“I know people are wondering why there are so many people at the top saying yes to this. We keep hearing of groups in positions of authority like Fine Gael, IBEC and the IFA coming out in support of this treaty. Why? Consider it a hierarchy. None of the people at the top of this hierarchy who are advocating a yes vote will ever face the austerity that they are telling the rest of us we have to deal with. They won’t face the dauntless prospects of unemployment, emigration or poverty; prospects which are faced by ordinary families across this state every day now.”
“For the people at the very top of this hierarchy the European Union is like the world’s biggest frequent flyer lounge. They get all the goodies, all the pampering and the good treatment. They get the pensions, the power and the privileges. When they leave their jobs or if they get voted out of office, they walk into Goldman Sachs or they become head of Coillte or something similar. The system rewards loyalty. Think about that when you’re in the polling booth on May 31st”

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