Friday, April 13, 2012

New Ross Sinn Féin welcomes refurbishment of Quay Front

New Ross Sinn Féin has welcomed the announcement that the Quay Front in New Ross town is to be refurbished. In a statement, New Ross Sinn Féin Representative Gerard Barron said "This is something Sinn Féin has been calling on to happen for many years, and was contained in the Sinn Féin plan for New Ross Town, launched ten years ago."

"It is something that we have felt to be a necessity for the Quay Front in New Ross, and was a major part of our strategy outlined in our plan for New Ross town. Everyone is disappointed that the Dunbrody festival had to be cancelled for this year, but the refurbishment of the Quay Front will only benefit New Ross in the long term. Obviously it should have been done when public finances were more widely available, but at least now, this plan of work may create much needed employment for the people of the town."

"We also call on initiatives to enable businesses and shops on the Quay Front to start up and develop, such as reductions in rates for start up periods. A bit of foreward thinking, could develop into enticing the passing traffic to stop off in New Ross, thus benefitting the whole of the town centre."

"New Ross Sinn Féin ask New Ross Town Council to restudy the New Ross Sinn Féin plan launched in 2002 now and also to liase with Wexford County Council and the NRA to look into the feasibility of implementing other features outlined in the plan, the most glaringly obvious being for a new bridge crossing to be built at the Marshmeadows site, rather then wasting hundreds of millions on motorways taking traffic across the River Barrow at Pink Rock over a massive superstructure suspension bridge, which we believe would end up as a horrific white elephant”

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