Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Mythen calls on Enniscorthy to vote No to Austerity

Cllr Johnny Mythen has called on the people of the Enniscorthy district to vote no in the Fiscal Compact Referendum on the 31st of May, saying that the alternative to a no vote is austerity, no job creation and the ceding of Irish sovereignty to unelected technocrats and judges in Europe.

“When a government becomes incapable of defending the people against a permanent, invasive, undemocratic treaty, then the people must defend themselves,” Cllr Mythen said. “The only way we can do this is by voting no to the fiscal compact treaty on the 31st of May. Prominent economists have stated austerity without job creation cannot work.”

“The balanced budget rule forces each country to comply with a fixed structural deficit. If we fail to meet these figures an automatic mechanism will be triggered giving total control to the European commission and the European court of justice to inflict more austerity on an already overburdened economy, piling enormous economic pressure on ordinary people. What is even more threatening is that these twin instruments of power are unelected technocrats and Judges.”

“It is inconceivable that fellow Irish Citizens are willing to sacrifice their economic and legal sovereignty of their country gluing us forever to an Inter-Governmental treaty controlled by unscrupulous bankers and industrial corporate magnates.”

“Yiorgos Vassalos is a highly respectable researcher in the Corporate Europe observatory. He says ‘The fiscal treaty mirrors the proposals of big business lobby groups to strengthen the commission’s capacity to determine the economic policies of the E.U. member states. The fiscal compact would transfer excessive new powers to the European commission an unelected body with strong links to corporate lobbyists. National parliaments would lose control, while no democratic mechanism is foreseen at E.U. level.’ Thus the fiscal compact spells out an authoritarian form of economic governance at E.U. level.”

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