Thursday, April 12, 2012

We must never allow the stock exchange bell to ring over our land – Mythen

Cllr Johnny Mythen has called on the people of Enniscorthy to vote no in the upcoming European Fiscal Compact Treaty. Speaking at the annual Easter Commemoration in St Marys Cemetery, Cllr Mythen said that the people had to rediscover their spirit of self determination if we are to preserve our economic liberty, our state assets and the future for our children.

Cllr Mythen said;

“Every Easter we gather to honour and pay our respect to all those Irish men and women in every generation who dedicated their lives to the cause of Irish freedom and the creation of an Irish Republic. However today we have a very different republic. We have a republic of partition. We have republic of in- equality. We have a republic that fosters and looks after the greedy and the wealthiest of this nation, disregarding and alienating the ordinary citizens whom they are walking on and driving into the ground, by their mismanagement of our economy and by introducing callous austerity measures that are devastating and causing low income families to crumble.”

“The recent government figures released from the CSO shows the spending power of low income families decreased by 26% while families on higher income increased by 8%. This is the highest gap between rich and poor since records began. The deprivation rate, in plain words the bread line, stands at 22.5%. That’s nearly one quarter of all households in Ireland without adequate economic or social necessities. This can be attributed to the leadership of a party that shamefully claims to be republican, and now are substituted by the coalition of the willing, Fine Gael and Labour.”

“On the 31st of may we will be asked to ratify another austerity treaty. If we are serious about preserving our economic liberty, if we are serious about preserving our state assets, if we are serious about protecting the future of our children, then in all conscience we all must reject this treaty. We must as a people, as republicans, as a nation, re-awaken the spirit of self determination that beats in the heart of every Irish person. We must reclaim our country from these toxic bankers, bondholders and government yes-men.”

“We must not allow, we must never allow, the stock exchange bell to ring over our land, our people, our nation.”

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