Monday, April 23, 2012

Wexford Sinn Féin launch Austerity Treaty Road Show

Sinn Féin launched its Austerity Treaty Road Show in County Wexford last Saturday. The Austerity Treaty Mobile Information Centre was in New Ross town in the morning, followed by a spell in Wexford town in the afternoon. Organisers say teams of activists handed out thousands of information leaflets warning of the dangers posed by the Fiscal Compact Treaty as they engaged with the public.
Cllr Anthony Kelly and Cllr Johnny Mythen joined the road show in Wexford town in the afternoon. Cllr Kelly warned that if this treaty is accepted by the Irish people it will mean more taxes like the household charge, the septic tank tax and water charges. “The EU Fiscal Compact Treaty, or the Austerity Treaty as it should be known, seeks to permanently institutionalise austerity in this state,” Cllr Kelly said, “It sets out to make the cuts and taxes that have caused such misery and stagnation legally binding and an integral part of our constitution. It sets out to tie the hands of future governments and future generations of Irish men and women, leaving them to live their whole lives under the dark clouds of permanent austerity. It fair to say if this treaty gets through, we ain’t seen nothing yet.”
Cllr Mythen said he wanted people to ask themselves a few simple questions; 1. What government would vote to give permanent control over its financial affairs to another state? 2. What kind of government would vote to sell its own peoples assets? 3. What government would tell you that austerity is working when 17 million people are out of work across the European Union? The Austerity Treaty Road Show will be out and about during the week and will be visiting Enniscorthy, Bunclody and Gorey next Saturday. If you are interested in joining our teams of committed activists in the campaign for a no vote to austerity, text JOIN followed by your name and address to 086-2397192 now.

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