Sunday, May 22, 2011

“The people of Wexford must become more intolerant”. Wexford SF stage protest at WGH

Members of Wexford Sinn Féin held a protest at Wexford General Hospital last Friday evening to demand an investigation into the missing €21 million which had been allocated for vital extension work at the hospital.  The protest followed a Sinn Féin motion calling for an investigation being defeated at the last meeting of Wexford Borough Council by the combined votes of Fine Gael and Labour reps.  Wexford SF Cllr Anthony Kelly said that there would be “regular and escalating” protests at Wexford General Hospital until the government made a genuine statement as to what happened to the funding instead of “sweeping the whole issue under the carpet.”

“What we need now is definitive answers and accountability from the top," Cllr Kelly said,  "What happened to the funding for our hospital?   Was it ever there or was it diverted elsewhere?  Some people have been playing political games with the future of the acute services of Wexford hospital.  Prior to the last election, Enda Kenny said the following about Wexford General; ‘The A&E department as it presently exists is unfair to patients and also to staff’.  Mr Kenny promised changes if his party entered government.  Sinn Féin will be calling on the Taoiseach to honour his promises about WGH in the Dail, at local council meetings and at protests like this one.”

Enniscorthy Cllr Johnny Mythen said;  
"The people of Co. Wexford and all the staff of Wexford General Hospital deserve a straight answer to a direct question.  Where did the 21million for the new A&E and the new maternity unit go? Will we have another U turn like we witnessed with the mental health acute centre at St. Senans hospital?  Wexford general hospital belongs to the people of Co Wexford.  In a true republic the people are supreme.  The Sinn Fein party in Wexford believe that the response of the Government to this question and the rejection of Cllr. Kelly’s motion calling for a public investigation into the disappearance of the €21million is an indication that nothing has changed to protect the future of our hospital.  This is why we wish to continue to support all the staff in Wexford General and the people of Co. Wexford in making sure this issue will not be going away."    
"This issue goes beyond politics and I’m calling on people of all political faiths to join us," Cllr Kelly said,  "To quote our current health Minister, It’s time for the people of Wexford to become more intolerant.”

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