Monday, May 9, 2011

New Ross Sinn Féin call for abolishment of unfair tax on the working poor

Declan Carroll, Oisin O' Connell, Cllr Anthony Kelly & Ger Barron

Pictured alongside Wexford Cllr Anthony Kelly are New Ross Sinn Féin members Declan Carroll, Oisín O'Connell and Gerard Barron at the launch of Sinn Féin's leaflet calling for the abolition of the Universal Social Charge.

In a statement issued afterwards, Oisín O'Connell called for the urgent abolishment of the grossly unjust Universal Social Charge, and demanded that County Wexfords five Oireachtas members honour their election promises to stand up for the ordinary people of this County, by working in the Dail to bring an immediate end to this unfair tax on the working poor.

“County Wexford’s five TDs each made promises to protect the interests of the citizens of this County during the recent election campaign,” said Oisín, “Now they must honour their commitments to the electorate. This tax needs to be abolished and instead the Government should work on building a fairer tax system by creating a progressive tax base that taxes fairly and equalises wealth.

Not only is this tax causing untold misery for ordinary people, it is also completely unfair. We have discovered an anomaly in the USC that allows people on much higher wages to pay less. The anomaly means that somebody on €30,000 euro is better off under the Universal Social Charge system when compared to what they were paying under the health and income levy system. This is insanity and shows that Fine Gael and Labour are now operating on the same economic policy as Fianna Fail before them – protect the elite, and over tax the working poor. Fine Gael and Labour should honour their election promises to reform our corrupt tax system instead of implementing failed Fianna Fail economic policies.”

New Ross Sinn Féin will be delivering the USC leaflet to 5000 homes across the district in the coming weeks.

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