Tuesday, May 10, 2011

May Day March in Wexford

“A new government and two new Ministers in the County, but Wexford is still forgotten.” That was the message from Cllr Anthony Kelly as he took part in the Sinn Féin organised International Workers Day parade in Wexford town on May Day. The parade was made more colourful by the addition of a range of flags, including the Starry Plough, the Red Flag and of course, the Irish Tri-colour. Several placards were also standing out as the parade entered the Bull Ring, including one held by a little girl that read; Enda Kenny earns €200,000 a year, how much do you get?”

“We are here today to honour International Workers Day and to commemorate the one hundredth anniversary of the Wexford lockout,” Cllr Kelly said, “but we’re also here to send a clear message to the new coalition Government that we will not allow Wexford to be forgotten. Wexford Sinn fein are calling for a full public enquiry into the disappearance of the €21 Million that was earmarked for Wexford General Hospital. The new Coalition is blaming the last Government and the HSE. The people of Wexford deserve a better explanation.” Cllr Kelly also criticised the Governments intentions of selling off Rosslare Europort and said the Labour Party must stand up to Fine Gael by opposing any privatisation of our state assets.

Enniscorthy SF Cllr Johnny Mythen also attended the parade. Earlier, he and Cllr Kelly had helped veteran Republican Socialist Mick O’ Leary lay a wreath at the spot where Michael O’ Leary (no relation) was batoned to death during the 1911 Wexford Lockout. “It’s ironic that one hundred years on and once again the workers of Wexford are being locked out,” Cllr Mythen said. “The working poor are being crucified by the Universal Social Charge, and where are they seeing their tax money go? Not to build an extension to their local hospital. Not to create jobs for the twenty thousand plus unemployed in this county. Not to benefit the people of County Wexford at all. Sinn Féin campaigned for a referendum on the IMF deal but were defeated by the other parties. The ordinary person is being denied their say. Once again the workers have been locked out.”

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